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After six months of research, brainstorming and hard work, we are happy to launch the inaugural issue of WisdomWinds, a monthly magazine that aims to promote conscious living and Buddhist philosophy. The eternal teachings of the Buddha, which are relevant for all generations, have been compiled and curated as art in printed format in WisdomWinds magazine. Considering all of us as Buddhas, WisdomWinds magazine has a vision to spread Buddha’s words through his teachings, sites and articles.

WisdomWinds is a monthly magazine that focuses on promoting conscious living. Launched in April 2016, we aim to make a difference in people's lives by helping them live in a conscious manner. At WisdomWinds we believe that living consciously is a lifestyle, which needs to be ingrained in our daily routine. It is being conscious about what we do, think and decide upon. Making conscious choices help in evolving our inner being, along with developing the community and protecting the environment.


Be conscious. Live conscious. That’s our motto!