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Plan Your Wedding

Plan Your Wedding

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The New Year and lots of ‘new’ many things...does that mean that the bride/groom will come in brand ‘new’ versions and you will get to indulge in new retail therapies, radiance tricks and happiness potions? No, not at all! The arrival of a New Year will not necessarily make weddings newer than ever before. And thankfully, weddings are not given to such mood swings. Talking about weddings, this time around, right at the beginning of 2014, we thought of digging deep into relationships – the foundation of a marriage; how to propose in ways that are not only creative but ‘yours truly’ ideas as discussed in “Popping the Question”. Relationships brought us to questions about love, basically, matters of the heart. And since Valentine’s Day is up and coming your way, we have come up with “Doing the Love Day” which talks about lavish-to-demure party ideas. For some Bollywood inspiration for your very own Big Fat Indian Wedding; turn to “10 Must-Love Bollywood Wedding Flicks”. Apart from turning to love, we have looked at the engagement ceremony in all its hues; as engagement is the first pre-wedding ceremony that marks the beginning of the wedding. Turn to “The Engagement Look Book” for the to-be-bride’s fashion ideas and the “The Engaging Factor” for the to-be-groom’s sartorial suggestions. “Looking Engaged” talks about fab makeup ideas for the engagement ceremony. For a discussion on the contemporary concept of joint wedding parties hosted by both the bride and the groom’s side, turn to “The Joint Post-Wedding Party”. And, for an all-round picture of organizing, planning and executing the engagement party, turn to “The Engagement Party”. Last but not the least, do turn to “How I Met My Love” to read testimonials from real life spouses. Enjoy reading the issue packed with stories on romance, proposal, engagement ceremony, wedding snippets and gifting ideas till we come with yet another issue on weddings. Till then, keep reading!

this autumn-winter issue of Plan Your Wedding, Vol 4 Issue 1 comes with the fat spread of fashion for the bride and groom, beauty, jewellery, wedding planning and honeymoon ideas for the big fat Indian wedding. Turn to “Big Brides & Curvaceous Couture” to check out sartorial ideas for plus size brides, as we believe when it comes to fashion, there’s no such thing called the “perfect” size and for checking out all about bridal accessories, turn to the feature on bridal accessories. The “A-Z of Beauty Kit” presents the A-Z ideas, tips and must-have items that would make your bridal kit complete. The special attraction of this issue are the “Q&A” pages wherein we have interviewed experts in the fields of beauty and jewellery to get you the best news and views from the respective industries. For designer couture ideas this winter, check out “7 Wow Winter Bridal Couture Picks” and if you are wondering what to do with your heirloom jewels, turn to “Heirlooms Then and Now”. Last but not the least, turn to “Doing the Wedding Stationery” and “10 Tips to make your Honeymon Special” for innovative stationery and honeymoon ideas.

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