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Highlights of India Today Hindi 9th June 2021, issue: 

Cover Story: Covid 2.0

Dahashat Ka Daur

Covid’s deadly second wave has sparked off a ‘fearodemic’. People are afraid of dying, of losing their loved ones, of being alone, of losing their jobs—anxieties that add a new dimension of mental-health issues to the ongoing crisis.

Upfront: Social Media Ki Jung

Aabhasi Ladai Me Fanse

Modi government and social media giant Twitter are at loggerheads again. The latest confrontation took place 24 hours before Twitter and other social media platforms— most prominently Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram and Signal— missed the deadline to comply with the Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules, 2021. May 25 was the deadline to comply these rules.

Upfront: Black Fungus

Nayi  Mahamari Se Ladne Ki Chunauti

Mucormycosis is one of the deadly fungi that affect humans. And post Covid this black fungus spread so fast. India has so far recorded around 9,000 cases of mucormycosis in Covid recovered patients.

Upfront: Uttar Pradesh

Nadi Me Utrate Shaon Ne Dikhai Hakikat

Floating dead bodies in holy river Ganga is creating fear among public. Questions arising that these bodies are of those persons who died of Covid? State government was completely exposed by this shocking incident. 

Upfront: Jammu and Kashmir

Naukri Jane Ka Khauf

Jammu Kashmir administration begins terminating the government employees who are enemy of the state. These persons terminated for their allege involvement in anti state activities. However debate over intent of government begins in the state.

Upfront: Kerala

Pinrai Ke Naye Sipahsalar

Left Democratic Front (LDF) defied a 40-year-old trend to win a consecutive second term in Kerala, and that too with a massive mandate, almost everyone—including many in the opposition—agreed that it was a wave in favour of ‘Captain’ Pinarayi Vijayan. The chief minister had taken a massive gamble by keeping out many of the popular old warhorses, fielding instead a young and loyal brigade.

Upfront: BJP

Pahad Par Pasopesh

BJP smells anger among public due to handling of Covid situation especially in Uttarakhand. So the party launched special campaign Seva Hi Sangathan to cool down public anger against government.


Andheri  Surang

 Vaccination drive in India is poorer among leading countries in the world. Britain and US have vaccinated its population fast and covered most and they come out of Covid recession. But, on the other hand India is far behind the target.

Special Report: Health Insurance

To bema Kis Kaam Ka?

Health insurance claim realization becomes nightmare in these Covid times. There are lots of unsettled claims because companies are finding small errors in documents.

Special Report: Black Marketing

Mahamari Me Jamkar Munafakhori

Shortages and bottle necks in the delivery of critical drugs and medical supplies have left desperate families of Covid patients exposed to a rapacious black market.

Special Report: ONGC

Samudra Me Bhayankar Bhool

Cyclone Tauktae left 86 people dead in India’s worst-ever offshore disaster. Making matters yet more tragic is that early warnings made this entirely avoidable.

Religion: Tamil Nadu

Mandiron Par Kabje Ki Jung

The new DMK regime locks horns with Godman Sadhguru’s agitation to “free the state’s temples” from government control.


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