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Highlights of India Today Hindi 9th December 2020, issue:    

Cover Story: India Today State of States Survey 2020

Bharat Ke Avval Rajya

The winners of the India Today-MDRA State of the States study 2020, assessing their performance on 13 critical parameters

Upfront: Love Jehad Laws

Jab Pyar Karna Bana Jurm

Some states already have laws against religious conversion but so called forced marriage instance ignited debate over Love jihad. Now Uttar Pradesh brought an ordinance to stop love jihad and more BJP ruled are in process to do so.

Arthat : Tijori Bhar Sawal

Recommendations to give green signal to corporate to open banks are highly debatable issue now days. Though private banks thrived but it is not good to hand over them to private companies.

India Today Defence Summit

Shikhar Par Nazar

The first India Today Defence Summit brought together key stakeholders—policy makers, scientists, military officials and members of India’s Defence-industrial complex—to discuss key challenges

Tamilnadu: BJP

Dravid Bhumi Par Daon

Top BJP leader Amit Shah visited Tamil Nadu to make foundation for coming assembly elections. BJP not eying the 2021 elections but it is looking to win 2026 elections.

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