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India Today - Hindi

India Today - Hindi

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Highlights of India Today Hindi 5th February 2020, issue: 

Cover Story: Mood of the Nation: Lead Essay

Har Morche Par Bechaini Behisaab

Seven months after being re-elected PM, Narendra Modi retains his popularity in our Mood of the Nation poll, but a slowing economy and CAA protests rob his government of its sheen, calling for course correction.


Cover Story: Mood of the Nation: Mahagathbandhan

Saajha Maqsad Ka Morcha

In the nationwide CAA-NRC protests, the opposition parties may have found the glue that will hold them together in a grand alliance that can take on Narendra Modi’s BJP in the next big election battle.


Cover Story: Mood of the Nation: Congress

Khuli Chhoot Dene Ka Samay

Despite being the only pan-India opposition party and even after clawing back to power in some states, the Congress struggles to find a non-Gandhi national leader.


Cover Story: Mood of the Nation: Best Chief Minister

Shikhar Par Barqarar

Yogi Adityanath rides on his doer image to bag top honours for the second consecutive MOTN poll; Kejriwal and Mamata make big leaps to finish joint runners-up.


Cover Story: Mood of the Nation: Economy

Rapteeli Rahon Par

The Modi government’s credentials in handling economic issues—unemployment, credit squeeze and price rise, to name a few—have taken a further beating in the public eye.


Cover Story: Mood of the Nation: Foreign Affairs

Howdy, Trump!

Popular perception of how the  government handled foreign policy with the US-China-Pakistan troika is positive. However, growing internal unrest is a cause for concern.


Cover Story: Mood of the Nation: Social Policies

BJP Ka Social Network

The ruling party’s welfare schemes, particularly the Ujjwala Yojana and Swachh Bharat, have left their mark, but equitable distribution remains a challenge.


Cover Story: Mood of the Nation: Sports

Sunahri Kamyabi

While cricketers dominated the top spots for best sportsmen of 2019 yet again, women sport stars shone in a variety of disciplines.


Cover Story: Mood of the Nation: Cinema

Lokpriyata Mein Topper

A major change in this year’s MOTN survey was the rise of Akshay Kumar as box-office king, while among the women, Deepika Padukone kept her crown.


Upfront: E-commerce

Kam Qeematon Ka Kaarsaaz

On January 15 Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced a fresh investment of $1 billion into the country over the next five years, but the very next day, commerce minister Piyush Goyal stunned many by making light of the announcement.


Upfront: Telcos AGR Dues

Poore Sector Ka Sankat

If Telcos don’t get relief and Vodafone has to shut shop, the sector will become a duopoly. The Cellular Operators Association of India, representing the incumbents, has sought a 14-year period for payment.


Arthaat: Na Hota Ye To...

The government should be concerned about what should not be in the budget as measures to boost economy have so far backfired.


State: West Bengal

Dilip Ghosh Ke Phir Chune Jaane Ka Arth

In retaining Dilip Ghosh as head of the state BJP, the party has signalled its intention to run a polarising election campaign in the state.


State: Maharashtra

Asli Boss Kaun

The Maharashtra deputy chief minister’s assertiveness has raised eyebrows. Unilateral decisions by him have also caught bureaucrats and alliance partners by surprise.

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