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India Today - Hindi

India Today - Hindi

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Highlights of India Today Hindi 4th August 2021, issue: 

Cover Story:  India’s Population Policy

Hakikat Aur Bhram

While reforms are much needed to control population growth, the big questions are: do coercive birth control measures work? Is the growing number of Muslims a threat to Hindus? Is India losing its demographic dividend? Here is a reality check

Upfront: Punjab

Khatarnak Daon

Congress appointed cricketer-turned-politician Navjot Singh Sidhu to the post of Punjab PCC (Pradesh Congress Committee) chief. This marked a watershed in the protracted tussle for supremacy between Sidhu and Chief Minister Amarinder Singh, and is being read in some quarters as the beginning of the end of the Capt. Amarinder Singh era in Punjab. Some say the AICC’s decision to promote Sidhu despite the CM’s fierce protests will be like a dangerous game.

Upfront:  Rajasthan

Andruni Asantosh

Rajasthan BJP facing fresh tussles within fractions. This time Vasundhra Raje loyalist MLA Rohitash Sharma expelled. By doing this BJP central leadership sends the message that anyone who does not follow the party line will pay a heavy price.

Upfront:  Karnataka

Pari Samapti Ki Oor?

Karnataka, Chief Minister B.S. Yediyurappa (BSY), 78, may be on his way out. The mounting criticism of his style of functioning, his advancing age, allegations of son B.Y. Vijayendra’s high-handedness in government have all contributed to his imminent downfall. However, the party’s resolve to fight the next assembly poll (due in 2023) under a more youthful leadership has also played its part in BSY’s fate.

Upfront:  Uttarakhand

Ek Aur Sankat

After death of Indira Hridyesh, there is change in  Uttarakhand Congress equations. BJP gives importance to Garhwal in appointment of CM to Cabinet minister which make tough for congress to raise the issue of ignoring the reason. Harish Rawat is 73 year old and he may face challenge from Younger CM Dhami in the state.


Parda Jo Uth Gaya To

Amid the news of government surveillance the food aggregator Zomato hit the stock market with ultimate shine. Both the instance based on private data of the public. If government brings law to protect private data than these digital businesses get hurt and outcome of surveillance also. We have to see what will happen in near future.


Gahraya Pegasus ka Rahasya

The government staunchly denies allegations of having used foreign malware to snoop on private Indian citizens. But the controversy has raised major concerns about violations of individual privacy and effective checks to prevent misuse of state power.

Special Report: Co-operative Ministry

Sahkari Sansthaon Ko Hadpne Ka Khel?

The new cooperation ministry has raised alarm in states and invited restraining comments from the Supreme Court but a ‘national cooperative framework’ is not without merit.

Special report: Ola-Uber

Tham Gaye Pahiye

Ola-Uber car owners and drivers paid huge price of Covid-19 lockdown. They defaulting on EMI led to seizure by banks. They find difficult to survive.

State: Gujarat

Modi Ki Yadgar Nishani

Vadnagar, the railway station where Narendra Modi sold tea as a child, gets an impressive facelift and broad-gauge connectivity. It’s as much about immortalising the PM’s past as it is about nurturing the town’s present

Special Report: Priyanka Gandhi

Kya Kamal Dikha Payangi Priyanka?

Priyanka Gandhi, the Uttar Pradesh in-charge of congress has a tedious task to rejuvenate the party in the run of 2022 Assam belly elections.  She is facing so many challenges.

India Today Auto Report

SUV Ki Barasat

The best of the big wheels-New SUV’s and bikes launched. How EV’s charged.


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