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Highlights of India Today Hindi 3rd June 2020, issue:

Cover Story: Shiksha

Mahamari Ke Daur Me Online Kranti

COVID-19 may have fast-tracked India’s transition to online learning, but for it to be a real success, we’ll need to bridge a yawning digital divide besides creating a more robust infrastructure, new learning modules and more

Special Report: Reforms

Dhamakedar Ghoshanayen

Along with the financial stimulus package, the Modi government announced a slew of reforms across major sectors. The INDIA TODAY team assesses what could work and what might fall short.

Special Report: Vittiya Protsahan Package

Kitne Kaam ki Sarkari Ghoshanayen

Is the government’s stimulus package  the antidote the Indian economy  needed to recover  from its pandemic seizure? The Board  of India Today  Experts (BITE) weighs in        


Special Report: Corona Ke Khilaf Yogi Ki Jung

Yogi Adityanath’s Uttar Pradesh has so far managed to stay ahead in the battle against covid. But the administration is being stretched and the sea of returning migrants promises to be a severe challenge.


Nation: Mumbai

Shahar Par Covid Ka Kahar

Overcrowding and lack of facilities in Mumbai’s hospitals have resulted in an overwhelmed health system in the city


Urban Affairs: New Delhi

Modikrit Lutyens Delhi

Key watchdog committees issue hasty clearances to the controversial plans for a brand new Parliament building, sparking fears that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government is using the protracted lockdown as cover to push through his grand plan to redevelop New Delhi’s Central Vista


Upfront: Pravasi Mazdoor

Rajniti Ki Rail

Why it took railways so much time to run trains for migrants when states gave their consent well before. Is it a politics between railway and states.


Arthat: Fir Chuk Gaye

Government announced stimulus package lacks demand aspect. It is focused on support to industry and liquidity by much more means. Government done nothing to incentivize common people whose purchasing power is main driver of demand.

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