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Highlights of India Today Hindi 30th September 2020, issue:  

Cover Story: Charas Par Kashmakash 

Cannabis-related arrests in bollywood spark a debate: is the drug a serious menaCe or a reCreational intoxiCant that 

should now be legalised? 



Ground Report: Laddakh 

Laddakh Ka Sheet Yudhh 



Special Report: Social Media and Politics 

Social Media Aapko Gussa Kyon Dilata Hai? 

How the business models of social media platforms thrive on anger, hatred and the divisive fake narratives often spread by political parties 


Special Report: Uddhav Thackery 

Toofan me fansi Kashti 

CM Uddhav Thackeray is under fire as Maharashtra A STORM struggles to contain the pandemic and revive industrial growth in the state. The poor handling of the Sushant Singh Rajput case has done him no favours 

Nation: Bihar 

Gathbandhano Ki Ladai 

The NDA goes into the Bihar election as the clear favourite, buoyed by Nitish’s credibility and thanks to the disarray in an RJD-(mis)led opposition. But it needs to quickly iron out differences among its two main constituents over seat distribution 


Special Report: Aam Aadmi Party 

UP me Jagah Banane Ki Jugat 

In an effort to make its presence in the state before assembly Aam admi party intensify its efforts and exposed covid scams of states government . Government responds with FIRs on its leaders.  


Upfront: Krishi Sudhar 

Kisano Ka Bazaar 

In current monsoon session of parliament witnesses sharp opposition of 3 bills related to agriculture and farming. Government also facing political distancing of its NDA allies.  



Upfront: MP By Elections 

Ek myan me dhalne ki chunauti 

In Madhya Pradesh two personalities, pitted against each other in the 2018 assembly election, now find themselves working together. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan and the BJP back then had Jyotiraditya Scindia firmly in their crosshairs; indeed, the BJP campaign in 2018 revolved around Scindia’s princely legacy  (read: arrogant) versus Chouhan’s kisan putra (read: down­to­earth) image. ‘Maaf karo maharaj, hamare neta Shivraj’ was the BJP’s campaign couplet then, but today the ‘Maharaj’ and ‘Mama’ are twin faces of the BJP campaign for byelections in 28 assembly segments. How does the BJP plan to bring these two contrasting political personalities together on the election stage?  


Upfront: Gst Compensation 

Vadakhilafi se Tootata Bharosa 

Central government denied GST compensation which is a big provision in the act fro state governments. What options available before states after this  ditch in current crisis times. 


Arthat: Paon Ke neeche Jameen Nahi 

In the name of agriculture government brings 3 bills but is this need of the hour? Is government not aware of farm and mandi system. 

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