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Highlights of India Today Hindi 2nd September 2020, issue:  Cover Story: Atmhata Ya Hatya

Sushant Singh Rajput: Ek Ubharte Sitare ki Rahasyamay Akal Maut

How the demise of a rising star went from a tragedy to sensational tinseltown controversy—and now the subject of a Supreme Court-monitored CBI probe


Special report: Rural Recovery

A few economic indicators, such as tractor sales, rural unemployment NUMBERS and FMCG sales, suggest that India’s rural areas are seeing an economic uptick. Is a revival under way?


Special report: Abohawa

Hariyali par Kafi Kichkich

Activists call it a sellout, the government claims it has tightened norms. The truth about the new environment impact assessment (EIA) draft


Vidai: M.S.Dhoni

Shant Sanyat Aur Jaheen Khiladi

Even more than his gifts in front of the stumps and behind it, it was his prescient reading of the game that set MSD apart


Upfront: Madhya Pradesh

Ram Bai Ka dabdaba

She is from the badlands of Bundelkhand in Madhya Pradesh. Her family allegedly controls not only lucrative businesses but also official transfers and postings in the state. Government privileges are a given for her irrespective of the party in power. Meet Patharia BSP MLA Ram Bai, whose unfettered clout in the previous Kamal Nath-led Congress government continues under the new BJP dispensation.


Hospitals of Uttar Pradesh

Korona Kaal Me Aspatal Behal

In the time when it needed most hospitals of Uttar Pradesh failed on expectations of public during corona times. Huge public money spend on different services but when required no facility was working.


Facebook: Satta Ke Saath Sajhedari

A political slugfest has erupted between the BJP government and Opposition parties over an article in the Wall Street Journal that alleged that the social media giant was favouring the ruling party. According to the WSJ story, some Facebook employees had flagged certain posts in March by T. Raja Singh, BJP MP from Telangana, as dangerous violations of the company’s hate-speech rules. But Ankhi Das, the firm’s public policy director for India, south and central Asia, opposed applying the “hate speech rules to Singh” and “three other Hindu nationalist individuals.


Baghon Ki Maut: Gayab Ho Gayee Dahaar

Newly opened Mukundara Tiger reserve is become graveyard for Tiges. Since July 4 tiges died including 2 cubs.


Arthat : Jiya Padhne Ko Chahe

Education system of India needs much needed reforms it needed more money and will to change. What New Education policy targets is required money. 

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