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Highlights of India Today Hindi 2nd June 2021, issue: Cover Story: 

Cover Story:  Covid-2.0 

Swayamsewa Ka Gantantra 

Superheroes of the pandemic who are going beyond the call of duty to help fellow citizens battle Covid and state apathy

Upfront: West Bengal 

Narda Kand Ka Hauva 

Though it put a brave face on its rejection by the people, the BJP is unlikely to forget its electoral humiliation in West Bengal in a hurry. After party dropped the idea of imposing Presidential rule it pulled out another old weapon in its arsenal—the Narada scam. CBI arrested few of Mamata cabinet members in connection of this scam.

Upfront: Congress 

Bataur Adhayaksh Rahul Ki Vapsi Ke Sawal 

At the May 10 Congress Working Committee (CWC) meeting, party president Sonia Gandhi announced that the Central Election Authority (CEA) of the Congress was ready with the schedule for the presidential election. An earlier CWC meeting, on January 22, had set an end-June target to complete the process of electing the next party president. Accordingly, June 23 was fixed as the date for the election. 

Upfront: RSS VS BJP 

Bhagwa Parivar Me Bechaini 

Prime minister, Narendra Modi would never have thought his relationship with the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) would be on such slippery ground. After all, pracharak-turned politician, Modi has delivered on at least two of the Sangh’s obsessions—the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya and the abolition of Art. 370 and with it Jammu & Kashmir’s special status. Yet, the second Covid surge—where the country has officially reported some 40,000 deaths in the first 10 days of May—has caused much friction between the Modi regime and the Sangh.

Upfront:  Inflation 

Covid Par Niyantran Ki Keemat 

India’s second wave of Covid cases began to surge in late February/ early March, policymakers and bankers were concerned that the lockdowns states were implementing to combat the virus could stoke inflation. In April this year, WPI inflation spiked to an 11-year high of 10.49 per cent, compared with the same month last year.


Batayange to Bachayange  

Hiding Covid related data solves no problem but complicates it. Information is the important weapon to fight Covid. If government not provide exact information how can public prepare themselves to fight Covid.  

Fursat: Cinema 

Bollywood Par Digital Raj 

Pandemic showed the new way to Bollywood.  Like Hollywood, Mumbai film producers adopted the hybrid release of movie. Hybrid release means it will be released on both the platforms-digital and movie halls. Radhe is classic example of this hybrid release.  


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