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India Today - Hindi

India Today - Hindi

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Highlights of India Today Hindi 28th August 2019, issue:

Desh Ka Mizaj: Aalekh

Modi Ki Maya

Strongman Modi stands head and shoulders above everyone else in the eyes of the Indian people. He can do no wrong, it seems, going by the findings of the India Today-Karvy insights mood of the nation poll for 2019.


Desh Ka Mizaj: Rashtriye Mudde

Muqable Mein Door Tak Koi Nahi

Despite the grim challenges of an economic downturn, farm distress and job losses, public faith in PM Modi’s ability to solve problems remains steadfast.


Desh Ka Mizaj: Arthvyavastha

Haqeeqat Alag, Dharnayen Alag

Despite an all-too-obvious slowdown, most respondents believe the economy is doing better than earlier and are confident it can grow to the government-projected $5 trillion by 2025.


Desh Ka Mizaj: Videsh Mamle

Mazboot Aur Atal

The government’s stance that talks and terror will not go hand in hand earns a huge endorsement.


Desh Ka Mizaj: Samaj Kalyan

Vikas Ka Marg

The Modi government scores on almost all social indicators, but water scarcity, reservations may deliver shocks in the future.


Desh Ka Mizaj: Khel

Dhavika Ki Dhamak

No prizes for guessing the most popular sportsman, but a new young woman athlete is making big waves.


Desh Ka Mizaj: Vipaksha

Wahi Dhaak Ke Teen Paat

The return of Sonia Gandhi dashes Rahul Gandhi’s hopes of radically reforming the congress and making it a credible alternative to the BJP and the face of the opposition.


Desh Ka Mizaj: Mukhyamantri

Rajnaitik Karmyogi

Yogi Adityanath, whose state handed the BJP a handsome victory in the Lok Sabha election, unseats Mamata Banerjee from the top position.


Desh Ka Mizaj: Film

Bade Parde Ke Badshah

Though Salman ‘Bhai’ held on to the no.1 spot, the Khans are slipping, making way for a new crop of actors.


Upfront: Article 370

Kashmir Ki Khabron Par Jung

No one with internet access can be unaware of the eerie disconnect between what our government is telling us is happening in Kashmir and what is being reported in the foreign press and in sections of the Indian media.


Arthaat: Dubaane Ki Lat

An incompetent government can be changed after five years but it is impossible to change the incompetent mangers of a company. There is no way to control corporate governance.


State: Pashchim Bengal

Jaaga Gorkhaland Ka Jinn

The bifurcation of J&K gives fresh energy to the Gorkhaland agitation. Estimated number of India-born, Nepalese- speaking  Gorkhas is 2.1 million.


Bihar: Sharab Na Peene Ki Shapath

The Nitish government gets its employees to take an oath to stay off liquor. 0.5 million Bihar government employees took the oath. Will it pay off?


Log Aur Lokachar: Transgender

Sangharsh Se Sanwarti Zindagi

Political and social empowerments of transgender people of Odisha have transformed their lives. They are trying their best to improve the condition of the community.

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