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Highlights of India Today Hindi 28th April 2021, issue: 

Cover Story: Vaccination

Tike Ka Aapatkaal

India’s optimistic vaccine strategy seems to have been exposed by a deadly second wave of Covid. What went wrong and how to get it back on track

Upfront: Direct Benefit Transfer

Kisanon Ke Fayde Ka Sauda

Faced with pressure from the Centre, Punjab is moving towards direct benefit transfer (DBT) to farmers for grain procured for the national granary this season. Fifteen other states that procure grain and other agricultural produce for central agencies, too, have started paying farmers directly or have agreed in principle to do so. This replaces the age-old system of paying farmers through ‘arthiyas’ or procurement agents.

Upfront: Rajasthan By-election

Abhi Nahi Tala Sankat

For Rajasthan chief minister Ashok Gehlot, the three by polls on April 17—in Rajsamand, Sahara and Sujangarh—may be a challenge comparable in scale and complexity to the BJP-backed rebellion in July 2020 by party counterweight Sachin Pilot. Not counting the six who defected from the BSP, the Congress, with 98 MLAs, is two short of the halfway mark in the state assembly

Bengal Ki Jung

Kis Panth Vampanth

It is direct election battle between Mamata’s TMC and BJP but left and congress are considered as deceive force for government formation in West Bengal.

Upfront: Human Animal Conflict

Shivpuri Me Sirdard Bane Suar ith municipal elections soon to be held in Madhya Pradesh’s

Shivpuri, a long-simmering problem faced by the city authorities—how to address the safety risks posed by stray pigs—may acquire a political dimension. Following a petition by an animal rights activist, on March 19 this year, the division bench of the Gwalior High Court ordered the Shivpuri Municipal Council (SMC) to abandon its current method of controlling the stray pig population—hiring sharpshooters for culls—and find a new solution.

Upfront: Uttarakhand

Ulte Faisle

By freeing 51 temple boards from government control Chief Minister Teerath Singh Rawat gives clear signal about his agenda. One step ahead he announced that Reopening of Chaar dhaam temples will be done according to religious traditions. His announcement is seen as turning the decisions of ex cm Trivendra singh Rawat.

Upfront: Mudra Mantra

Dubla Hota Rupaya

Rupee slide to below Rs 75 level against USD. Rupee weakens because of ample liquidity, cheaper loans and worsening conditions of Covid. This trend could be seen further.


Ghutati Sans Ka Utsav

Kumbh, Elections and Pandemic all are super spreader of Covid virus. Government learnt nothing from previous experiences of Covid wave. Tall claims of medical facilities turned into lies.

Special Report: Cyrus Mistry

Tata Kahne Ka Samay

With Cyrus Mistry losing the legal battle against the Tatas, all eyes are SAY TATA now on the drama of the separation—how the SP Group will restructure its debt and how the Tatas will buy out the Mistrys’ stake

Uttar Pradesh: Samajwadi Party

Mulayam Parivar Me Gahri Hoti Darar

Rift between members of stat’s biggest political family of Mulayam Singh Yadav is now deepens. Holi festival always shows unity of Yadav’s but this year Mulayam was sick so his other brothers celebrated the festival separately.

Special Report: Submarine

Bharat Ki Atomi Shark

A long-delayed project nears CCS clearance even as India’s submarine force gets long in the tooth. Why the N-powered attack submarine project has taken so long

Cinema: Mythology

Mahagathaon Ka Naya Ubhar

 The Indian film industry’s love affair with Hindu mythology is on the rise.


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