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Highlights of India Today Hindi 27th May 2020, issue:

Cover Story: Swedeshi Elaj

Modi Ki Nayee Swadeshi Muhim

The prime minister unveils a Rs 20 lakh crore financial stimulus and vision of self-reliance. But will it revive India’s Covid-stricken economy?

Cover Story: Economy

Arthik Protsahan  Package Ke Nihitarth

The government has set the ball rolling with its announcement of a Rs 20 lakh crore stimulus. What remains is everything else. Detail analysis of the stimulus package.

Cover Story: Health

Ab Kitne Taiyar Hain Hum

COVID-19 is not going away in a hurry. Eight weeks of the lockdown have helped us contain the spread of the virus, but it is still a long haul .

Cover Story: Welfare

Mii Juli Kamyabi

Direct benefit transfers have done well in the Rs 1.7 lakh crore post-lockdown package for the poor. Other provisions seem handicapped by inherent flaws and implementation gaps

Cover Story:Migrants

Migrant workers have never had it easy in India but their suffering and abandonment in lockdown is a national shame

Cover Story: Starvation

Bhookh ka badhta Sankat

Starvation is prolonged problem of the country which becomes more severe in lockdown days. People have lost their mean of livelihood and now struggling to feed themselves twice a day.

Cover Story: Force Majeure

Big firms occupying floor space in the mall have defaulted on payment of rent and maintenance expenses, citing losses from shutdown of business. Pleading helplessness in the current circumstances, the firms have all invoked the ‘force majeure’ clause in their contracts, which is legalese for a provision that gives parties to a contract temporary reprieve from fulfilling contractual obligations. This upsets to mall and space owners.

Kovid Special: Shishtata Ke Naye Sabak

The norms of social etiquette that defined our daily lives will transform in the post-lockdown world as people emerge into a wary new world.


Upfront: Labur Laws

Mazdooron Ki Nayee Mushkil

Many states governments diluted labour  laws to attract investment and industries into their respective states. In this process some states even deferred implementation of labour  laws for three years. This step makes labour unions angry. They planning nationwide protest after lockdown will lifited.

Arthat: Barud Ki Bisat


Government announces relief package to businesses, agriculture and industry but in long run banks will bear the burn because relief are to be given in loans. 


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