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Highlights of India Today Hindi 26th May 2021, issue: Cover Story:  Covid Strategy 

Kab Thamega Kahar 

Top experts weigh in on India’s best hopes to halt the rampaging second wave of covid-19.

Cover Story: Vaccines 

Tikakaran Ka Andhiyara 

Even after a belated scramble for more doses, India’s vaccine programme faces a desperate supply shortage. Fearful in the wake of a rampaging second wave, everyone now wants it, but there are just not enough doses to go around  

Cover Story: Defence 

Sainya Ke Istemal Par Asamanjas 

The armed forces step up in the war against the virus, but given the threat of a hostile border they may not be able to scale up from present tasks.

Upfront: Covid Management 

Mumbai Ne Dikhai Rah 

How perfectly Mumbai dealt with second wave of covid-19, was recognized by Supreme court of India.  From bed to oxygen beds and ventilator beds BMC delivered perfectly.  

 Upfront: Reservation 

Fir Maratha Akrosh 

Did a three-month delay in enacting a new law ruin the Maratha community’s quota chances? Recently Supreme Court of India rejected Maratha Quota and it heats up political atmosphere in the state.

Upfront: Bihar 

Bahubali Ki Virasat Par Do-Do Haath 

Former RJD MP Mohammad Shahabuddin, who was serving a life sentence for murder in Delhi’s Tihar jail, succumbed to Covid in a Delhi hospital. Though Bihar, like many other states, is under complete lockdown in an attempt to rein in a brutal second wave of the disease, politicians, cutting across party lines, have made their way to Siwan’s Pratappur village to commiserate with Shahabuddin’s son Osama Saheb, who is being groomed to inherit his father’s mantle.

Upfront: Covid 19 

Alag Tarah Ke Khatre me 

As the second wave of the Covid pandemic sweeps the nation, no one is safe—not even wildlife. Over the past month, reports have trickled in of lions testing Covid-positive—as many as eight Asiatic lions in Hyderabad zoo and two at the Etawah Safari Park in Uttar Pradesh (May 6). Tests are on at other zoos and the number of cases of Covid among wildlife may rise. 


Koe Nahi Jinka 

Covid hit badly those who are poor and below poverty line in the country. Pandemic forced 40 Crores people to below poverty line. Rural India paid heavy price of covid.  

Fursat: Cinema 

Antrang Hona Hua aasaan 

Sex scenes have never been easy for actors. In an effort to make them feel safer, the Hindi film industry is now hiring intimacy consultants

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