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India Today - Hindi

India Today - Hindi

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Highlights of India Today Hindi 26th June 2019, issue:

Cover Story: Sookhe Ki Maar

Pyasa Bharat

A prolonged dry spell, coupled with deficient pre-monsoon rains and official apathy, casts a spectre of drought on large parts of the country.


Special Report: Arthvyavastha

Sarkar Ki Sabse Kathin Pariksha

The prime minister and his team need to act quickly and decisively to put the tottering economy back on track. The job, however, is riddled with challenges.


Music: Hip-hop

Kala Par Bhari NA Paden Kalakar

With gully rap becoming increasingly commercialised, will Indian rappers forsake the struggle of the disenfranchised for fancy cars and lives of luxury?


State: Bihar

Pahle Kaun Marega Palti?

Is the ongoing tit-for-tat between Nitish Kumar and the BJP mere posturing or the beginning of parting of ways? JD (U) has already said it would go alone in Haryana, J&K and Delhi assembly elections.


Uttar Pradesh: Phir Ek Nayee Shuruaat

A rattled Mayawati reworks the BSP’s battleplan for the 2022 assembly election. Though assembly elections in UP are due only in 2022, Mayawati realises that time’s running out.


West Bengal: Bengali Gaurav Ko Hawa

Mamata is hoping to build a Bengali narrative against the BJP’s Hindu one to retain her Bengali-speaking vote bank for 2021. She hopes to retain her 42 million voters for 2021.


Delhi: Aadhi Shakti Par Daon

The Delhi government has proposed to make public transport for women free in the capital. Beside safety and security of women this initiative will boost local economy.

Uttarkhand-Himachal Pradesh: Paryatkon Se Past Pahad

Tourist are rushing towards hill stations to escape from heat wave and it has created massive jam in the hilly areas. There are not enough resources to deal with the rush of tourists.


Upfront: Pakistan

Aman Aur Jung Ke Beech Rassakashi

Pakistan finds itself trapped between a rock and a hard place. Left to its own devices, its preferred option for dealing with India would still likely be to continue the policy of using state-sponsored terrorists to ‘soften’ India.


AN-32: Vayu Sena Ka Sankat

The Indian Air Force located the wreckage of its  An-32 transport aircraft on June 11 in Arunachal Pradesh eight days after it went missing in the state. While inquiries are underway, the spotlight is on ageing aircraft and poor maintenance.


Arthaat: Bachayenge To Bachenge!

Which is the last part that is breaking investment, loan and consumption, and harming the economy?

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