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Highlights of India Today Hindi 25th November 2020, issue:   

Cover Story:

Modi Nirbhar

It’s not the jubilant return six-time CM Nitish Kumar might have hoped for.  Big brother BJP is likely to be the real power behind the throne.


Upfront: Covid Vaccine

Kya Hamen Mil Payegi?

November 10, even as the world enthused over the possible introduction of a Covid vaccine courtesy US drug major Pfizer and BioNTech, whose mRNA-based vaccine had logged 90 per cent efficacy in Phase 3 trials, many smaller players in India’s challenged health ecosystem wondered if they could ever be a part of the rollout of this vaccine in India. Why? Because most small hospitals—and some larger public hospitals too—usually have cold chain facilities for vaccine storage capable of maintaining temperatures of 2-8 degrees Celsius. The Pfizer vaccine however, needs minus 70 degrees or below to last up to six months.


Upfront: Madhya Praesh

Teen Saal Aur Sarkar

BJP’s emphatic win in the byelections to 28 seats in Madhya Pradesh has smoothed the way for the saffron party’s rule in the state for the next three years. The party won 19 of the 28 seats that went to the polls, more than every survey. On the other hand, the Congress fared worse than surveys predicted, falling far short of its far-fetched hope of returning to power, winning just nine seats


Upfront: Uttar Pradesh

BJP ko Rahat, Vipaksh Ko Naseehat

By winning 7 seats in by elections UP BJP was successful to hold its traditional voters. Poll results are lesson for opposition parties.


Upfront: Jammu Kashmir

Kashmir Me Jameen Ka naya Jhamela

People’s Alliance for Gupkar, a coming together of seven mainstream political parties in Jammu and Kashmir, announced that they would jointly contest the District Development Council (DDC) elections, scheduled from November 28. It’s an unprecedented decision by political parties often bitterly opposed to each other, now making common cause in an attempt to resist the Centre’s plan to script a political future for J&K that will further undermine their role in it.


Upfront: Agriculture Laws

Punjab Ne Badhaya Dabav

Punjab assembly passed four bills, moved by the Amarinder Singh-led Congress government to counter the provisions—and their supposed adverse impact on farmers—of the three new farm laws passed in Parliament a month earlier. The fourth bill, to amend the Code of Civil Procedure (CPC), seeks to grant farmers the right to take their grievances to civil courts.   



Arthat: Jagat Neend Na Kijai

Election results showing deepening devide in society. Political system turning to polarized society. What is the solution?


Special report: West Bengal 2021

Hindu Voton Ke Liye Daon Pench

They comprise 70 per cent of the population of the state, and are being propitiated by both the BJP and Mamata Banerjee’s TMC. But will the Bengali Hindus vote en bloc?



Special Report: Pakistan

Haath Se Nikalte Haalat

A  defiant opposition alliance has taken on the  imran khan government and, for the first time ever, even the Pakistan army. Where will it all end?

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