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India Today - Hindi

India Today - Hindi

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Highlights of India Today Hindi 25th March 2020, issue: 

Cover Story: Corona Ka Jhatka

Corona Ka Kahar

As the spread of COVID-19 chokes international trade, India’s tottering economy braces for yet another jolt.


Special Report: Yes Bank

Bank Ka Bhattha Aisay Baithaya

From flamboyant leader with a stomach for risk to a man whose overweening ambition ran a bank aground, the story of disgraced Yes Bank founder-chairman Rana Kapoor.


Special Report: Congress

Maharaj Ki Bagawat

His ambitions thwarted by the Congress old guard, the Gwalior royal bets on a new political future with the BJP.


Special Report: Bollywood Ki Nayee Heroines

Auraton Ki Kahani Unhi Ki Zubani

With production houses and filmmakers putting their resources behind female-driven scripts, a spate of Bollywood releases this year will see women and their stories taking centre stage.


State: Maharashtra

Sabki Thali Mein Thoda-Thoda

The Uddhav Thackeray-led alliance presents a please-all budget in its first outing.


Pashchim Bengal: Mamta Ne Chhtradhar Ko Aakhir Kyun Riha Kiya

The Maoist leader’s release, after a decade in jail, is part of the TMC’s bid  to win back its vote in the tribal belt.


Upfront: Sankhiyaki

Ab Aankdon Ko Lekar Bada Andesha

The CAA-NPR-NRC troika, irrespective of real or false assurances about its scope and intention, has dealt a body blow to the Indian statistical system.


Arthaat: Gathri Mein Laaga Chor

The fourth largest private bank has gone bankrupt as most of us were sleeping, not the government. The government was trying its best to conceal the scam and look everything normal.

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