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India Today - Hindi

India Today - Hindi

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Highlights of India Today Hindi 25th December 2019, issue: 

Cover Story: Krantikari Dashak 2010-2019

Aalekh: Viraat Uthal-Puthal

The old order yielded to a radically new and unsettling reality.


Cover Story: Krantikari Dashak 2010-2019

Boria Majumdar: Cricket Saath Kuchh Aur Bhi

India’s exploits in cricket were inarguable, but its successes in other sports were sporadic. Tokyo 2020 will be an opportunity to set that record straight.


Cover Story: Krantikari Dashak 2010-2019

Neera Chandhoke: Sashtang Sansthayen

Public institutions such as the courts and media, guardians of our civil liberties, have faced unprecedented obstruction and bullying.


Prasanto K Roy: Data Ki Ahmiyat

No, wait, data is not ‘the new oil’. Nor gold. Data is the new sex, a sanskari strain. Everyone wants it, wants to control it and make money of it.


Cover Story: Krantikari Dashak 2010-2019

Prosenjit Datta: Apratyashit Utaar-Chadhav

The Modi government did reasonably well in its first two years. Then came the twin shocks of demonetisation and GST and the Indian economy never looked the same again.


Cover Story: Krantikari Dashak 2010-2019

Shreevatsa Nevatia: Ab Bataiye Kya Rai Hai?

Misinformation and hate have soured our great social media dream.


Cover Story: Krantikari Dashak 2010-2019

Shyam Saran: Aasmani Ummedon Tale Gahrati Fikr

Nations succumbed to nationalist and nativist urges at a time when the world needed global responses.


Cover Story: Krantikari Dashak 2010-2019

Sudheendra Kulkarni: Bharatiye Hindu Gantantra Ka Nirman Chalu Aahe

Two landmark elections and a determined majoritarian push are reconstituting the idea of India as we knew it.


Cover Story: Krantikari Dashak 2010-2019

Usha Ramanathan: Qanoon Ka Kamzor Haath

A court has to be ‘countermajoritarian’, but recent judgments and court actions have challenged this axiom.


Vijeta Kumar: Sawarnon Ki Duniya Door

How even the liberalising winds of change forgot the dark Dalit quarters of India.


Special Report: CAB

Sharanarthiyon Ki Siyasat

Privileging non-Muslim refugees, the Citizenship Amendment Bill threatens to alter the secular foundations of the Indian State and reignites ethnic tensions in the Northeast.


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