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Highlights of India Today Hindi 24th June 2020, issue:

Cover Story: Kovid Vijeta

Kovid Ke Sang Zindgi

The testimonies of those who have had a tryst with the disease reveal that a majority experience its mild manifestation. Those who d0 need critical care can take heart from the relatively high recovery rate and low fatality rate.


Cover Story:  Kovid Ko Harane Wale Log

They have been to the edge of the Covid abyss and back. Some got away easy, others struggled with the stigma, the isolation and the disease. At the other side of the crisis now, all of them have one thing to say: whatever it may do to your body, don’t let Covid mess with your mind.


Special Report: Covid Yoddha

Anjane Maseeha

During the tough time some people make it opportunity to serve the society and this was done during lockdown in remote areas by many covid warriors.


Special Report: MSME

Udyogon Ki Tootati Ummiden

Thousands of small businesses are on the brink, with the government rescue package falling short of their expectations


Nation: Uttar Pradesh

Ghotalon Me Ghiri Shikshak Bharti

Teacher’s recruitment scam unearthed in Uttar Pradesh through bogus teacher s like “Anamika Shukla.”  Recruitment process is also stuck in legal scrutiny.


Nation: West Bengal

Ladbo, Jeetbo

The BJP is doing its damnedest to unsettle and discredit Mamata Banerjee in the run-up to the assembly election next year. The Bengal chief minister must also deal with malcontent in her own party

Upfront: Ventilator Scam

Saans Ke Liye Sangharsh

Political controversy erupts in Gujarat over locally made Dhaman ventilators. War of words between Congress and BJP leaders. The company said it will import one component and upgrade these life saving machines.

Interview: Shivraj SinghChauhan

Cross Voting Ka Khatra Nahi

Madhya Pradesh chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has had an eventful two-and-a-half months on the job after his party, the BJP, overthrew the Congress government just before the lockdown was clamped on March 25.


Arthat: Kalyankari Rajya Ki Trasdi

Concept of welfare state totally failed during covid lockdown. Are governments are made for issuing orders and notification? They are not supposed to give relief to public?

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