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Highlights of India Today Hindi 23rd September 2020, issue:   

Cover story: covid-19 

Gaon gaon mahamari 

In its villages, where cases are on a sharp upswing, india’s battle against the pandemic is on a wing and a prayer, given the desperately inadequate public health infrastructure in the hinterland 



Special report: india china face off 

Barfili sarhad par garmagarmi 

An indian army counter-move surprises the chinese army in eastern ladakh but the tense situation brings both sides closer than ever to a military clash. In chushul lies the key to either resolving the border deadlock or expanding the theatre of conflict 


Special report: railways 

Rasta badalti bhartiya rail 

A cash-strapped railways restructures its board and eyes private capital to revive its fortunes. Its turnaround, though, will require fast-paced and continuing reforms 


State: west bengal 

Trinmul ke yuvraj 

Mamata’s nephew abhishek banerjee has tightened his grip on the party, and is effectively the strategic hq of the trinamool congress for the big election battle of 2021 


Up police: badal na paya police ka chehra 

Despite of many effort from administrative changes uttar pradesh police officials not get away from corruption. It is a big headache for government. 


Special report: bihar 

Chirag ka naya raag 

In context of bihar elections ljp leader chirag paswan seems to changing guard, what it means for bjp and jdu. Is he going away from nda or simply creating bargaining power.  


Controversy: kangana ranaut 

Khanak hanak wali kangana 

Kangana ranaut’s vitriolic crusade for ‘justice’ shifts aim from bollywood to the maharashtra government. With so many enemies, she may even have an argument for the ostentatious y+ security 


Upfront: infrastructure finance 

Paisa jutane ki jugat  

Development finance institution (dfi) is in the works to fund the government’s ambitious rs 100 lakh crore-plus national infrastructure pipeline (nip) announced earlier this year. It will come to reality soon.  


Aarey milk coloney: mumbai ki hariyali ko rahat 

In an effort to breather maharashtra chief minister uddhav thackeray announced that 600 acres of mumbai’s aarey milk colony would be declared a reserve forest, a multi-year saga took another turn.  


Malnutrition: ande ka chunavi fanda 

Mp minister imarti devi  announced that she was in favour of including eggs in the mid-day meal scheme run in government schools and the integrated child development scheme in anganwadis (local childcare centres). It created controversy as bjp government  in state is opposing egg in these schemes since long time.  Now it becomes an election issue. 


Arthat: imandari aur tax payer ki diary 

Honest taxpayers are bearing the burnt of government tax network in every sphere of life without getting any subsidy. On the other hand companies always trying to escape tax net.  

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