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India Today - Hindi

India Today - Hindi

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Highlights of India Today Hindi 22nd May 2019, issue:

Janadesh 2019: Cover Story: Arthik Tangi

30 Crore Badhaal Matdata

Large parts of the Indian economy—rural and urban—are in distress. Will the anger of the Indian precariat singe the ruling BJP in this election or will the party find enough takers for its poll plank of national security and nationalism?


Janadesh 2019: Cover Story: Agriculture

Aaye Koi Taranhaar

The state of the agricultural sector has worsened in the past five years, causing acute rural distress and fuelling farmers’ protests.


Janadesh 2019: Cover Story: Textiles

Resha Resha Bikhra

India’s once flourishing textile sector is battling falling sales and profits besides infrastructure challenges.


Janadesh 2019: Cover Story: Jewelry

Fiki Padi Chamak

A combination of factors has left the sector badly bruised, leaving craftsmen in the lurch.


Janadesh 2019: Cover Story: Real Estate

Khsakti Zameen

A slump in demand, demonetisation, unsold units and certain RERA clauses have led to distress in the real estate sector.


Special Report: Chunavi Rishvat

Vote Do, Note Lo

Why Lok Sabha 2019 could be the world’s greasiest election on record. Governments typically hand out contracts ahead of election season to crony businessmen, who in turn skim kickbacks off the deal to fund polls.


Janadesh 2019: Pashchim Bengal

Dhruveekaran Banam Zameeni Pakad

BJP has been trying its best to polarise voters on the line of regions and cash in on the anti incumbency feelings against the ruling TMC, the hold of  Mamta Banerjee is solid and the saffron party do not have leaders like her.


Special report: China

Cheen Par Chaukanna Hona Zaroori

The daunting challenge of dealing with the growing economic might of the neighbour.

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