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India Today - Hindi

India Today - Hindi

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Highlights of India Today Hindi 22nd January 2020, issue: 

Cover Story: CAA/NRC

Kaun (Nahi) Nagrik?

The newly minted Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2019 and the government double-speak on an impending National Register of Citizens have lent a bleeding edge to the question. What is the threat and why have citizens across the country erupted in protest?


Cover Story: Ground Zero

Ek Virodh Ka Taana-Baana

The citizen protests in Delhi against the CAA/ NRC will be remembered for a long time for the uniquely creative solidarities they built cutting across all sorts of divides.


Cover Story: CAA/NRC

Kun Phoot Pada Gussa?

Students and civilians take over the streets in many parts of the country in defence of what they see as the freedom to belong to their country.


Special Report: Naye Sena Pramukh

Naya Pramukh Agenda

General Manoj Mukund Naravane takes over at a time the army is going through a budget squeeze, a right-sizing drive and exploring new battle strategies.


Upfront: Student Unrest

Kyun Hai JNU Mein Uthal-Puthal

What happened at JNU has received wide attention. Messages of solidarity with the students have poured in from Mumbai, Hyderabad, Cape Town, Munich and New York.


Controversy: Faiz Ke Baare Mein Ek Moorkh Ka Moolyankan

Vashi Sharma’s specious arguments are easy to disregard, but they have served a purpose. They have put Faiz in our headlines. Faiz believed his poetry could speak to Indians, but he’d never pretend to speak for them.


Arthaat: Do Sapnon Ki Kahani

Every Indian wants to own a house and a car, this is supposed to be their biggest dreams but irony is that these two things are heavily taxed. People cannot take stock of how many tax is taken from them. 


State: Delhi

Abki Baar Kiski Sarkar

Polling date for the Delhi assembly elections have been announced and for the first time the opposition has not much to loose and and the very fact has posed a big challenge before the ruling Aam Aadmi Party.


Maharashtra: Saj Gaya Maidan

With his allies taking the cream, can new CM Uddhav Thackeray make something of his lot? The Sena is left with just two big departments, urban development and agriculture.

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