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Highlights of India Today Hindi 22nd April 2020, issue: 

Cover Story: Ubarne Ki Chunauti

Badhali Se Ubarne Ki Mushkil Raah

To pull the Indian economy out of the lockdown  doldrums, the government must act boldly. Experts say nothing  sh ort of an additional massive stimulus of 5 per cent of GDP—about Rs 10  lakh crore—will do.

Cover Story: Poltry and dairy

Dairy and Hatchery owners  facing fresh trouble of demand  slump due to Covid-19 across the country.


Special Report: Places of Worship

Ab Bhagwan Ka Bhi Sahara Nahi

Covid 19 took away devotees from places of worship across the country. Temples  and other places which were crowed round the year now pin drop silence prevail their.


Rashtra Morche Per Mukhyamantri

In the war against the COVID-19 pandemic, state chief ministers are at the forefront. And it's a battle on two fronts, enforcing lockdowns and keeping fresh cases in check, while also striving to avoid an economic meltdown


The Big Story: Corona Ka Kalank

The Tablighi Jamaat bears the brunt of a nationwide hunt. Its followers’ unwitting role in the COVID-19 super-spread has made them targets of fear and loathing


Health: Corona Aur Immunity

Health experts says, better immunity is helpful in fighting with covid-19



Upfront: Bhilwada Model

Textile town of Bhilwara in southcentral Rajasthan has come a long way in just under a week. It took some doing to go from being India’s scariest corona hotbed in the early days, when news broke of a doctor in Bangad Hospital contracting the disease, to now being cited as a containment model the Centre wants to replicate everywhere in its evolving strategy to battle the spread of  COVID-19 in India.


Upfront: Raksha Kavach Me Chhed hi Chhed

Government survey involving officials of 410 districts says that there is huge shortage of basic health and other service. To fix this problems lot of efforts needed.



Economy is in deep trouble and it is deeper then 2009 and 1991. If change comes after big shock then it is the right time to do so.

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