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Highlights of India Today Hindi 21st August 2019, issue:

Cover Story: 72 Varsh Azadi Ke

Lead Essay: Deshbhakti

What does it really mean? A love for your country, your nation, your homeland? We asked a clutch of eminent citizens the question, and they all had very different answers.


Cover Story: 72 Varsh Azadi Ke

Deshbhakti Wah Nahi Hai Jo Rashtravad Hai: Alok Rai

If patriotism is a love of something one is willing to die for, nationalism—pride in an abstract notion of nation—is something one is willing to kill for.


Cover Story: 72 Varsh Azadi Ke

Udarvaad Qayam Rakhne Ki Guarantee: Amish

A strong nation-state, founded on patriotic belief, is the surest defence of individual rights.


Cover Story: 72 Varsh Azadi Ke

Isse Badhkar Koi Prem Nahi: Gopal Krishna Gandhi

from our brave freedom fighters to modern india’s architects, patriotism has been about love—simple love—of India and of Indians’ ‘tryst with destiny’.


Cover Story: 72 Varsh Azadi Ke

Ek Yoddha Ka Vishwas: Lt. Gen. Ds Hooda

In today’s world, where ‘patriotism’ and ‘nationalism’ are used interchangeably, defining these terms is no longer a simple matter.


Cover Story: 72 Varsh Azadi Ke

Bharat Ke Hokar Bhi Alag-Thalag: Arkotong Longkumer

Patriotism for one’s country is not the default setting in the Northeast where the landscape has been scarred by tumultuous and violent histories and conflicting loyalties.


Cover Story: 72 Varsh Azadi Ke

Maun Deshbhakti Ki Ore: Megna Gulzar

the human spirit triumphs in a truly patriotic film, not just the nation.


Cover Story: 72 Varsh Azadi Ke

Siyasat Se Alhada Brand: Ram Bijapurkar

If brand-speak represents popular culture, we have less to worry about than some of us might think.


Cover Story: 72 Varsh Azadi Ke

Hamari Azadi, Aapki Nahi?: Salman Khurshid

India’s syncretic ethos is not an artificial construct but a product of centuries of shared experiences of Hindus and Muslims. It is in danger today.


Cover Story: 72 Varsh Azadi Ke

Swatantrata Ke Geet: TV Krishna

true patriotism should subvert all forms of oppression and it must be bound to humanity rather than the nation-state.


Ruchir Sharma

In India, true patriotism and true sporting wealth will come of age only when sportspersons stop pandering to strongmen and political leaders.


Cover Story: 72 Varsh Azadi Ke

Nayee Qism Ki Swatantrata: Swapan Dasgupta

Narendra Modi has taken Indian nationalism to the 21st century. He has built the bridge between the freedom struggle and contemporary aspirations.


Special Report: Jammu and Kashmir

Kashmir Ki Katarbayont

The Modi government ‘dilutes’ article 370 to strip Kashmir of its special status

and bifurcates J&K into Two Union Territories. Will it make or break the troubled region?


Upfront: Shram Sudhar

Adhikaron Ki Qeemat Par Sudhar

Why the two labour reform bills introduced by the government in the Lok Sabha on July 23 evoked sharp reactions from various stakeholders?


Arthaat: Sudhar Ki Haar

GST, the most important economic reform after liberlisation in 1991, has lost its track. It was dubbed the second freedom by the government just two years ago.


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Naye Zamane Ke Rozgaar

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