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Highlights of India Today Hindi 20th November 2019, issue: 

Cover Story

Baybus  Bharatiye

The civil liberties and legal protections of the ordinary Indian citizen are in alarming retreat today. The essays that follow map the many dimensions of this vulnerability, some already exposed and in plain view, others lurking round the corner.


Cover Story: Baybus  Bharatiye

Harsh Bora: Man Jahan...Bhara Hai Bhay Se

Our legal framework ensures that the balance of power in the relationship between the State and the citizen favours the State.


Cover Story: Baybus  Bharatiye

Louise Tillin: Kendrikaran Ki Ore Qadam

The BJP’s push towards a more centralised system of governance challenges the political and economic autonomy of states, crowding out regional agendas.


Cover Story: Baybus  Bharatiye

Martin Macwan: Vote Poora, Haq Aadha

The answer to persistent discrimination and injustice does not lie with our political institutions, it does with a more empathetic civil society.


Cover Story: Baybus  Bharatiye

Mohan Guruswamy: Tax Aatank Ka Tamga Kaise Hatay

When tax evasion is endemic, zealousness in tax extraction is bound to rankle. Is it fair to dub it 'tax terrorism'?


Cover Story: Baybus  Bharatiye

Mrinal Pande: Bheetar Ka Shatru

Logic and common sense have been overthrown by real-life reality TV. We are in the midst of a make-believe dharmayuddha, a battle to right imagined wrongs.


Cover Story: Baybus  Bharatiye

Prasanto K Roy: Data Bana Dhardar Auzar

citizen data is potentially worth a lot to political parties and ruling governments. With artificial intelligence and the right algorithms, data can help game democracies.


Cover Story: Baybus  Bharatiye

Purushottam Agrawal: Hindu Rashtra Mein Hindu Hona

For Hindutva, which is not a spiritual or religious world view but a doctrinaire, authoritarian political programme, Hinduism is a mere prop.


Cover Story: Baybus  Bharatiye

Rasmus Kleis Nielsen: Khatarnak Khabarchi

Unwitting or intentional misuse of ‘information’ by state and non-state actors is an inescapable peril of our time.


Cover Story: Baybus  Bharatiye

Sanjay Hegde: Nagrik Swatantrata Ke Samrakshak

The checks-and-balances design of our Constitution requires the Judiciary to not get cosy with the Executive.


Cover Story: Baybus  Bharatiye

Sheshadri Chari: 'Hindu Rashtra' Ke Mayene

Stripped of myth and popular misconception, the formulation is not at odds with the idea of a diversely expressive India.


Cover Story: Baybus  Bharatiye

Usha Ramanathan: Kaun (Nahi) Hai Vaigyanik?

Citizenship has become a contested category, re-created and re-presented to accomplish the utopia of those in power.


Upfront: Pradushan

Dhuan Dhuan Phephde

It’s an annual event now, the ascent of Delhi, as happened on November 3, to the top of the list of the world’s most polluted cities, as measured by the presence of ‘particulate matter’, tiny, deadly particles in the air we inhale, which turns our lungs into those of chronic smokers, gives our children respiratory illnesses and kills over a million people across India each year.


Delhi: Khaaki Banaam Kaala Coat

Police represent itself as the symbol of state while advocates are part of judiciary and they work together but clash of interest often comes to fore.


Arthaat: Dar Ke Nakkarkhane

The world's third largest economy and most appreciated government on the front of foreign affairs has shown its back at RCEP meeting.


State: Maharashtra

Akele Pade Devendra Fadnavis

A sure bet till yesterday, Fadnavis now looks shaky. Will an NCP-Sena alliance upset the BJP’s plans?


Jharkhand: Pahle Hi Bikhre

Babulal Marandi’s JVM-P exits the grand alliance against the BJP just ahead of the Jharkhand assembly poll.


Rashtra: Ayodhya

Nayee Subah Ke Intezaar Mein Ayodhya

Residents living in surrounding areas of Ram Janm Bhoomi are hopeful that their quality of life will improve with the decision of the Supreme Court.


Special Report: Cypber Jasoosi

Sendhmaari Ka Bada Khatra

The recent WhatsApp breach targeting dissident Indians with spyware underlines the possibility of a wider vulnerability and points an accusing finger at the State.

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