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Highlights of India Today Hindi 20th May 2020, issue:

Cover Story: Sankatmochan

Sankatmochan Ka Samman

In the battle against covid-19, Ordinary Indians have shown extraordinary courage to ensure  the country’s well-being even as  they put their own lives at risk. These people have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to make our lives safe, secure and ensure that our daily needs are being met.


Cover Story: Rahmat Ke Farishte

Unwavering in their commitment, away from their families and lives, and superhuman in their endeavours, these medics at the frontlines of Covid would do Hippocrates proud


Keral Ke Apravasi

Pardes Se Lautne Ki Mazboori

The mass reverse migration from the Gulf of non-resident  Keralites will challenge Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan’s optimism that their return is, in fact, an opportunity.


Khas Rapat : Covid-19 Se Maut

Virus Ki Abujh Paheli

More than just viral pneumonia, covid is wreaking havoc on the body’s  immune system, placing people with comorbidities  at maximum risk.


Khas Rapat:Mumbai

Sankatgrast Shahar

Mumbai has India’s largest number of coronavirus cases. What will it take to get the country’s economic capital back on its feet?


Special Report: Virtual Courts

Nayay Ka Naya Daur

Supreme Court and different High courts in the country hearing only urgent cases through video conferencing but lower courts are totally shut during lockdown. After when lockdown lifted but no cure available to Corona virus how courts will work with social distancing. What are the challenges of virtual courts and open courts during corona time before judiciary?


Nation: Uttar Pradesh

Aamdani Badhane Ki Jaddojahad

State’s exchequer went empty during lockdown and it is huge task before Yogi Government to revive the economy, market and industry.

Khas Rapat: Mnrega

Jahan Bachane Ki Jimmedari

Before Corona for Modi Government MNREGA scheme is mere flop show of  UPA government but now this rural employment scheme only can support  the returning migrants in their own native place.


Upfront: Lockdown

Pravasi Duvidha

Another lockdown is unbearable for migrant labors. These people are struggling with unemployment and hunger. Government made few arrangements to their home return but not every migrant is so lucky to get a ticket. On the other hand Industrialist may face shortage of labours due to this migration.

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