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Highlights of India Today Hindi 1st July 2020, issue:

Cover Story: China-Bas, Bahut Hua

China Ko Kaise Dalen Nakel

What explains China’s current aggression? And what are India’s military, diplomatic and economic options to counter it?

Cover Story: China

Pahadon Par Guthham Guthha

An aggressive China sparks off a bloody border clash, leading to the biggest military stand-off on the LAC since 1962.


Special Report: Covid-19

Qahar Ki Lahar Aane Ka Andesha

With a national peak in Covid cases expected by mid-July, health experts emphasise the need to ramp up testing and contact-tracing in order to map the spread and keep the death rate low

Special Report: State Finane

Rajasv Jutane Ki Rassakashi

Undone by Covid and the lockdown, states are staring at a severe resource crunch. A tussle is on to get more funds from the Centre


Special Report: Sushant Singh Rajput

Tootkar Gira Ek Aur Sitara

What caused an intelligent young actor to take his life? The industry—and his fans—try to make sense of Sushant Singh Rajput’s tragic and untimely demise

Special Report: Start Up

Shuraat ab Karen bhi to kaise

Strat-ups are badly hit by lockdown. Their earnings touches bottom and investors are no more interested in start up funding.

Upfront: Education

Kathin Sawal

India continues to witness an alarming increase in COVID-19 cases, parents and students across the country are worried about the board exams for classes 10 and 12. The exams, conducted by various central and state boards, were interrupted by the national lockdown, imposed on March 25. While some state boards, such as the Madhya Pradesh Board of Secondary Education, completed pending exams in the first half of June.

Upfront: Jagannath Rathyatra

Mahamari ne Roka Maharath

Supreme court not allow Famous Jagannath Rathyatra this year citing coronavirus infection.

Upfront: Arakshan

Anti BJP parties find more juice in reservation then other political issue. This time they got fuel from Supreme Court observation that reservation is not a fundamental right.


Arthat: China Ki  Yuddh Kala

China is deeply involved in Indian businesses and recent confrontations at the boarder could have result of change in policies towards china since 2014.

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