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Highlights of India Today Hindi 19th August 2020, issue: Cover Story: Mood Of The Nation Poll

Modi Mantra Ka Jadu

What is the secret behind the unwavering popularity of the prime minister at a time when the nation is riddled with multiple crises?

Cover Story : Economy

Sthiti Tanavpurn lekin Niyantran me

Despite the devastating economic impact of Covid-19, the Modi government seems to find broad support for its handling of the crisis


Special Report: Ayodhya

Ram ke Naam Ayodhya Ka Navnirman

Along with the ram temple, The centre and the uttar pradesh government are pouring in Rs 5,000 crore to recreate Ayodhya as a focal point of Hindu religious tourism


Special Report: Floor Test

Sanwaidhanik Rassakashi

Powers of governor and legislative assembly was  always a matter of tussle between government and representative of central government. Know the exact position What constitution says and how grey area s  of constitution defined by Supreme court of India in this matter.


Special Report: Single Use Plastic

Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na

Covid-19 Pandemic disrupted all the planes of replacing single use plastic as these are harmful to earth, animals and humans.


Upfront: IPL

The Show Must Go On

The pandemic raged and governments around the world were forced to lock down, and as cricket-playing nations were cut off from each other as an inevitable consequence, the disruption in the sporting calendar was on the minds of all stakeholders—from cricket boards to players to broadcasters to sponsors to fans. For a large number of players, the fate of the Indian Premier League (IPL) was of particular interest—and concern. For good reason too.


Upfront: Rajasthan

Maharani Ki Khamoshi

Ex. Chief Minister of Rajasthan Vasundhara Raje is silent on fast changing political developments of the states. Big leaders assumes that her silence is too meaningful for state politics and BJP. It may alters political equation.


Arthat: Jagte Raho

Economy is shrinking and Stock market jumping, what is the reason behind this. Companies making losses but stocks jumped. What are the reasons.

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