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Highlights of India Today Hindi 18th November 2020, issue:   Cover Story: America 2020 Election

Rah Nahin Aasan

What a Joe Biden-Kamala Harris Administration in the United States presages for India and the World.



Theek Nahi Itni Najdeeki

Covid conditions in the country is not out of danger and we are on the verge of second wave. Health officials have warned against a hasty easing of restrictions on movement and public gatherings, beaches, parks, museums and other areas of tourist interest have been opened up.


Upfront: Unlock 5.0

Raftaar Ka Intezar

Mumbai is waiting for full fledge operation of local trains so that life could be normal. Local trains are lifeline of the maximum city.


Upfront : MP Assembly By Elections

Mehnat Se santusht Kamalnath

During campaign for elections Kamalnath is satisfy with his own efforts. He ensured no stone should be unturned.



Adangon Ki Amarbel

Centre’s desperation for funds has never been more palpable. The clamour for a fiscal stimulus to revive the economy is only growing, and the government must also find the resources for substantial unbudgeted, yet unavoidable, expenditure on managing the Covid-19 pandemic. Strategic disinvestment in public sector enterprises including Air India once again in the news, would have come to the rescue, but chances are the government will once again miss its overambitious Budget 2020-21 target of Rs 2.01 lakh crore.

Upfront: Gurjar Agitation

Fir Wahi Baat

Gurjar community is protesting on railway tracks for their different demands in Rajasthan. Agitation on tracks disrupted train operations.

Arthat: Dhyan Kidhar Hai?

In the post Covid world China is emerging as super economical power. What it did between May and October is interesting to know.


Bihar Assembly By Elections

Har Aujar Ajmaya



Special Report: Bahujan Samaj Party

Daon par Mayawati Ki Siyasat

Elections of 10 RajyaSabha seats is root cause of fresh tussle between Samajwadi Party and Bahujan Samaj Party. BSP boss facing challenge to unite its traditional vote bank.


Special Report: Auto Industry

Diwali par laga Daon

Automobile industry didn’t find much buyers during Navratra festival and not it hopes Diwali may boost buying. 

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