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Highlights of India Today Hindi 17th February 2021, issue:  

Cover Story: Budget 2021

Sudharon ki khurak

The Prime Minister has bitten the bullet in budget 2021 by spending big and giving a massive push to privatisation to fund his ambitious economic revival plans. Now he needs to ensure speedy delivery of his promises.

Upfront: Kisan Agitation

Chunauti dhartiputron ki

Farmer’s protests worrying for BJP not because of crowd but it could weak election prospects in Uttar Pradesh. UP is going for assembly elections next year and farmers are most crucial than any vote bank.

Upfront:  Oxfem Inequality Report

Amir garib ka fark badha

Unprecedented economic disruption of the covid-19 pandemic resulted in millions of Indians losing jobs, tens of thousands of factories downing shutters and the economy sinking into a deep recessionary hole. However, the extremely wealthy seem to have prospered—extremely, one may add—in the same period.

Upfront: West Bengal

Vote ka dam

Battle for Bengal, which goes to polls simultaneously with four other Indian states this April, the woman voter, seems to be getting some extra attention. Not without reason, and even as all other possible lines of attack and/ or appeasement are also being pursued in tandem.

Upfront: Assam

Dhruvikarn ka Guna Ganit

A consolidation of Muslim votes in favor of the opposition alliance could be a significant factor but this is only one of several polarizing dynamics at play as the election campaign heats up

Upfront: EPF

Mote Vetan Valon Par azar

Budget-2021 provisions limiting EPF investments and after certain limits earnings would be taxable. What are the reasons and targets for burdening investors this way?


Akhiri Raasta

Government feels that Upper limit of imposing taxes on public were reached so it moves for disinvestment and privatizing government controlled bodies.

States: Uttar Pradesh

Chunavi race ke liye taiyar hoti cycle

Samajwadi party begins preparations for Uttar Pradesh assembly election 2022 as party chief meets with different sections of society and party workers.

 State: Uttrakhand

Haridwar kumbh ke liye taiyar

Haridwar is prepared for Kumbh which begins this month. But, implementation of Covid 19 guidelines issued by central government is tough task for administration.

Cricket: the renaissance

Adat ban rahi jeet

The depth of talent in this young Indian side was manifest. What wasn't in plain sight, though, is the process of discovering and nurturing that talent.

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