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Highlights of India Today Hindi 16th June 2021, issue: 

Cover Story:  Special Interview

Arthvyavastha Badi Chunauti Lekin Hum Taiyar Hain- Nirmala Sitharaman, Finance minister

The Indian economy could again be in the ICU after the second wave of Covid, but Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman sounds confident that the government has it under control. In an exclusive interview to India Today, she outlines the revival plan.

Cover Story: Economy

Akhir Kaise Raftar Pakde Arthvyavastha

The deadly second wave of Covid battered an already bruised economy. India now needs policy vision out of the ordinary to restore consumer confidence, businesses and livelihoods.

Upfront: West Bengal

Modi- Mamta Ki Nayi Jung

It has been a stormy first month in office for Mamata Banerjee in her third term as West Bengal chief minister. The BJP top leadership seems to have taken the election defeat to heart and has kept up the pressure on her government. Multiple central teams have descended on the state to “review the law and order situation” and investigating agencies seem to have suddenly woken up to scams that have dragged on for years.

Upfront: Uttar Pradesh

Covid Prabhavit Gaon Hain Chunav Ki Samar Bhumi

Uttar Pradesh is heading for assembly elections and political parties are fastening the belt. After Panchayat elections huge rural population were infected by Covid-19. Politicians are focusing on these villages. CM Yogi Adityanath and rival party leaders are visiting to villages and making arrangements to give relief to people.

Upfront: Punjab

Amarinder Is Toofan Se Paar Ja Payange?

Punjab Chief minister Amarinder Singh facing rebellion within his party. Like his first term as CM of the state similar crisis has engulfed him in his second chief ministerial term, with cabinet members and party legislators openly defying his writ. How will he handle this hurdle? 

Upfront: Edible Oil

Kyon Sulag Uthi Rasoi?

Why edible oil prices surging to an unprecedented level. Is it global impact or something local?


Aise Aati Hai Garibi

Inflation makes people poorer.  This time government fuelling inflation and cost of daily use items increasing rapidly. It made 97 percent poorer. Poverty is relative.

Special report: Gaon Me Korona

Dehat Me Chhipa Danav

Rural India’s desperately inadequate health infrastructure is common knowledge. But official estimates understate the crisis, which makes the battle against the pandemic even harder

Special report: Crime

Dangal Me bhala Kaun Sushil

The fall of an icon exposes the seedy underbelly of Indian wrestling. Wrestler Sushil Kumar arrested in a murder case in national capital. What was the crime and nexus? 

Special Report: Rape Case

Tejpal Banam Rajya in High Court

The Goa government challenges the acquittal of journalist-author Tarun Tejpal in the sensational case of an alleged sexual assault. Why the landmark case is going into a fresh loop. Verdict challenged in High Court.

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