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Highlights of India Today Hindi 16th December 2020, issue:    

Cover Story:  Covid 19 Vaccine

Dava Kitni Damdar

As a number of vaccines come up in record time to combat the covid-19 challenge, a closer look at the safety and efficacy of the various candidates in the fray


Upfront: Farmer’s Agitation

Vastvik Gatirodh

Farmers from Punjab-Haryana and UP blocked most of the roads and highways connecting Delhi from these states. They demanding roll back of 3 farm laws passed by parliament. Talks between Center Government and farmers going on but no conclusion coming out.


Upfront: West Bengal Elections

Jati Jodne Ki Jugat

For West Bengal assembly elections top leaders like CM and TMC supreme Mamata Banerjee and Home Minister and BJP leader Amit Shah betting on cast calculations. Both leaders started meeting with people of different cast and sections.


Upfront: Bihar

Puran Vida Ab Naya Rang Roop

BJP, the major partner of the state government started freshly with new faces. Party’s main aim to groom future leaders so that it did most important change by bringing Sushil Modi to national politics from state.

Arthat: Angan Sukha Ghar Me Pani

Country officially in recession but companies are making higher profits. Unemployment grows but stock market booming. This all happening when there is contraction in demand. What is behind these contrasting factors?

Special Report: Sarna Code

Ek Naya Dharm Sankat

Jharkhand introduced a new religion Sarna Code for tribal community. State assembly passed a resolution and sends it to Center government for induction it into Census 2020. It heated debate over religion of tribal because tribal practicing different customs and faith. Even Sarna name is not acceptable to all tribal.


Special Report: Uddhav Thakerey

Apni Marji Apna Mansuba

Despite pressure from allies and an opposition constantly snapping at his heels, first-time CM Uddhav Thackeray held his own in his first year in office


Uttar Pradesh: Paddy Procurement

Bik Janye Tab Jane

High-tech paddy procurement system stuck in to mismanagement. Big farmers and mafias are making money with the help of Lekhpal and no one hearing voice of small farmers.


Special report: Business

Fanda Kasta Lalfita

Indian firms are hobbled by Endless compliances, complicated laws and overlapping regulations

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