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India Today - Hindi

India Today - Hindi

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Highlights of India Today Hindi 15th January 2020, issue: 

Cover Story: Lead/Bhavishya Ki Kalpna 2020

Aage Ko Soch

Politics, economy, agriculture, climate change... Eminent Indians dwell on

the issues that will shape the future of India.


Bhavishya Ki Kalpna 2020: Amitabh Kant

Mahanagar Hi Bhavishya

Planned, smart urbanisation can unlock India’s potential for growth.


Bhavishya Ki Kalpna 2020: Navroz Dubash

Jalvayu Ke Thapedon Se Nipatne Ki Taiyari

To tackle climate change, not only does India need to pivot into a low-carbon future, it also needs to step up as a leader of climate-vulnerable countries.


Bhavishya Ki Kalpna 2020: Chinmay Tumbe

Antatah Sabse Adhik

By 2030, India will be the world’s most populous country with most of its

population still in rural areas.


Bhavishya Ki Kalpna 2020: Arun Sukumar

Silicon Ka Kamal

Politics has singularly shaped the trajectory of technological progress in India and, in the coming decade, the state will encounter the temptations of big data.


Bhavishya Ki Kalpna 2020:DS Hooda

Bhavishya Ke Yudh Ka Nazara

While technology will play an increasingly dominant role in conflicts,

strategists need to factor in the human, social and political dimensions as well.


Bhavishya Ki Kalpna 2020: TCA Raghvan

Dragon Ki Daur

China will be a defining factor in the decade ahead and India must reorient itself to confront the geopolitical challenges of a new world order.


Bhavishya Ki Kalpna 2020: Rajdeep Sardesai

Bhavishya Ke Jhatke...

Will the India of 2029 be ruled by a presidential strongman? Will dissent and political pluralism survive or will we surrender to a majoritarian theocracy? Predicting trends in Indian politics is fraught with risks—and the temptation to succumb to our worst fears or fondest hopes. But if the past is any compass, the decade ahead will be full of surprises.


Bhavishya Ki Kalpna 2020: Jahangir Aziz

Haqeeqat Sweekar Karein Tabhi Badlenge Halaat

Globalisation determined India’s fate in the early 2000s, but it is time to find new sources of growth.


Bhavishya Ki Kalpna 2020: Banu Subramaniam

Ateet Hi Bhavishya

Hindutva mixes science and religion to concoct potent myths of archaic modernity.


Bhavishya Ki Kalpna 2020: K Srinath

Sehat Ka Bill

India’s health infrastructure needs to evolve significantly to provide robust service delivery, from primary care to hospitalisation.



Bhavishya Ki Kalpna 2020: Swagato Sarkar

Lupt Hota Kisan

The agriculture sector needs bold and urgent reforms—not populist measures—to stop the alarming disintegration of the peasant economy.


Bhavishya Ki Kalpna 2020: BVR Subbu

Apne Vikalp Khojein

We need transport technology we can use and afford, not driverless fantasies.


Upfront: CAA Protests

Yudh kshtra Uttar Pradesh

CAA protests turned violent at several places in UP—a state with 20 per cent Muslims—and the police crackdown was ruthless.


RSS: Bhagwat Mantra!

The RSS chief says that there is a war going on between good and evil the world over.


Arthaat: Bees Ki Beemari

Every year millions of Indians slip to below poverty line just because of treatment of some illness.



Maharshtra: Sadhe Qadam Rakhte Thackeray

From lambasting Hindutva politics to giving plum portfolios to allies NCP and Congress, Uddhav Thackeray is doing everything he can to keep his government steady.


Rajasthan: Vyavastha Par Sawal

Ashok Gehlot has completed his first year of his third stint as Chief Minister of the state. It was to be celebrated but death of children in a Kota hospital put his government in a dock.

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