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Highlights of India Today Hindi 15th April 2020, issue: 

Cover Story: Mahamari Se Muqabla

Jaan Maal Bachane Ka Sawal

Midway through the lockdown, India has contained the spread of the novel coronavirus but at an enormous socio-economic cost. It now needs to ramp up its healthcare facilities, ease the flow of essential supplies and formulate an exit strategy that includes a financial stimulus package to get the economy and its people going again


Cover Story

 Migrants : Palayan Ka Dard

Stranded in cities with no jobs, homes or food, migrant workers across India are trudging home to their villages, burdened with their possessions and supporting hungry, tired children; or packed in buses with no scope of ‘social distancing’. Their drawn faces reflect the real toll COVID-19 has taken on people’s lives. What the government must now do to help them


Cover Story

 Agriculture : Fasal Dekh Aaya Rona

The lockdown has turned hopes of a bumper rabi harvest into utter gloom as the movement of labour and farm machinery comes to a halt.  Reviving supply chains and a delayed crop will be the focus now.


Cover Story


The Rs 15 lakh crore transport and logistics sector is the beating heart of the Indian economy. The sudden national lockdown on March 24 paralysed it, worsening the already gloomy economic outlook. The government must move quickly to mitigate the crisis


Cover Story

Urban Poor:   Garibon Ki Vyatha Katha

The nationwide lockdown has left the urban poor jobless and on the verge of economic obliteration. How can their

lives be brought back on track?


Cover Story:

Judiciary : Aapda ke Samay Insaf

Impact of nationwide lockdown on judicial system. All the regular courts are shut for 21 days. Only urgent matters are entertained by courts.  To fight COVID Supreme Court Of India and few High courts started hearings via video conferencing. It is historic efforts towards adopting technology in Judiciary.


Cover Story:

MSME : Chhoton Ko Bade Sahare Ki Jarurat

Businesses impacted most in lockdown. They are facing lot of challenge like hot to pay rent of premises, workers salaries, electricity bills when there is no business.

Special Report: Korona Ko Yahan Lage Pankh

How a religious outfit’s congregations have been responsible for a virulent spread of COVID-19 in India and parts of South Asia. Story about Nizamuddi Tabligi Jamat Markaz  become hotspot of CORONA virus spread.


Arthat: Jeevan Banam Jeevika

During corona lockdown migrants went to their not because fear fo disease fear of loosing job.


Upfront: Chaubison Ghante Chaukanne


CM helpline becomes powerful weapon in war against COVID 19. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath himself monitoring this voluble helpline.

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