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Highlights of India Today Hindi 14th October 2020, issue:   Cover Story: Whatsapp

Nijta Par Khatra

Everything you need to know about how the phone messaging servicE can be tapped, cloned or hacked

and what you can do to protect yourself.


Upfront: Laddakh

Varta Ke Beech Dikhayee Aankh

As the tense military standoff between India and China in Ladakh entered its sixth month, the situation on the ground showed no signs of de-escalation. Both sides issued a rare joint statement after the September 21 Corps Commander-level talks, where they agreed to ‘strengthen communication on the ground, avoid misunderstandings and misjudgements, stop sending more troops to the LAC, refrain from unilaterally changing the situation on the ground.

Upfront: GST

Rajyon Ka Haq Mara

Central government back off from its constitutional duty to pay GST Compensation to states. It says states can for borrowing more.

Upfront: Teachers Recruitment

Jal Utha Rajasthan

In Dungarpur district tribals protest turned violent and spreading neighboring districts. They demanding teachers posts of general category to be allowed to filled by tribal candidates.


Arthat: Rahat Aisi Hoti Hai!

In other countries what type help government provided to the victims of job loss or salary cuts after Covid  pandemic was direct. But, in India government provided no direct financial help to those who lost their jobs or salary.


Special Report: Uttar Pradesh

Asurakshit Betiyan

With the recent rape and murder case in Hathras there is spike in crime against women in every part of the state. There is serious questions on Yogi Adityhanath led BJP government’s ability to handle law and order situation.


Assembly Elections: Bihar

Tejaswi Ki Apni Duvidha

The RJD scion is trying to set a new political narrative for his party and the state, but the JD(U)-BJP alliance will not let him live down memories of Lalu raj.

Special Report: BJP

Udaan Bharne Ko Taiyaar

Lot of challenges before BJP’s brand new team. It has to prove capabilities in elections coming in next three months.

Chhattisgarh: Bodhghat Pariyojana

Sambhavnaon Ki Sinchayee Sawalon Ka Ghat

State government of Congress party showed intents to a dumped scheme which can prevent forest land from submerging.


Special Report: Health Card

Mareej Ka Kachha Chhittha

A national health ID, with portable patient data, seems a big milestone in public healthcare, but challenges such as full integration, the lack of privacy safeguards and the risk of data misuse remain


Defense : OFB

Nigam Banane Ki Uljhan

The centre says the ordnance factory board’s 41 factories are dens of inefficiency and need to be corporatised. But the remedy could prove worse than the disease

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