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Highlights of India Today Hindi 13th May 2020, issue:

Cover Sotry: Covid-19 Ki Maar-Naukri Bachegi?

Aapki Naukri Kitni Surakshit

With the economy in a pandemic seizure, no industry is really immune though some are more vulnerable than others. Expect pay cuts or worse. Millions have been badly hit by the lockdown the country was put under on March 25 to arrest the spread of COVID-19. The Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE), a private research organisation, estimates that 120 million Indians have been rendered jobless in the one month of the lockdown.


Nation: Duty par DM

Morche par Sabse AAge

India’s districts are the ground zero in the country’s war against the coronavirus. And administrative officers are rewriting the rulebook as they navigate the pandemic


Special Report: Rapid Test Kit

Janch Kit Par Aanch

The furore over Chinese rapid antibody testing kits reveals a number of problems, from ‘faulty’ equipment, long supply chains, disagreements on interpretation and even crisis-profiteering

Uttar Pradesh: Mahamari Ki Maar

Due to corona virus lockdown recruitment drive of  the state government  agencies totally stopped. This is a huge setback to young aspirants.



Special Report: Swamitva Yojna

Tay Hoga Har Ghar Ka Malik

Government want to unfold the benefits of Rural residential property through  Swamitva scheme. In this scheme govt. will do a drone survey of village and make a map of residential properties. The outcome from the scheme would include updating the ‘record-of-rights’ in the revenue/property registers and issuance of property cards to the property owners. This would facilitate monetization of rural residential assets for credit and other financial services. Experts saying it is not so easy to formalize rural houses because of joint families, long time disputes and structure of the properties.


Special Report: Gold

Surat Sarafe Ki

Akshay Tritiya, the festival of gold shopping vanished in corona lockdown. Experts saying, even after lockdown it seems gold demand will going to decrease.


Upfront: Lockdown

Siyasat Me Fanse Majdoor

Due to lockdown thousands of migrants labors  are unable to come their native place. Government started sending them to their and Political parties started politics on it.

Uttrakhand: Lo, Laut Chale Gaon ki Oor

State was facing migration problem until recent past but during lockdown there is reverse migration seen in a huge way.


Arthat: Agli Jung Ke Nayak

After exiting from lockdown there is a war with economic recession and states will play crucial role in this combat.

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