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Highlights of India Today Hindi 11th November 2020, issue:  Cover Story:  

Krishi Kranti 



Upfront: Covid Vaccine

Vaccine for covid is not out of lab, it is in process of development but politicians made it a political lollypop. BJP leader and Finance minister announced in poll bound Bihar that they will distribute it free . Not only BJP, from AIADMK to TRS also made same promises.


Upfront: Inflation

Tyoharon me manhgai bomb

Inflation ruined festive seasons for public as well as traders. With vegetable prices soaring inflation is on a high trajectory. Market facing demand problem and buyer has cash problem.


Upfront: Air Pollution

Sabko Nanga Karti Ek Chadar

Onset of winter marks several familiar events. For Indians across the country, this is the beginning of the festival season.  And for those in the NCR (national capital region), it has come to mark the beginning of yet another round of lamentation over air pollution, with many arguments over the relative contributions of transport, power plants, industries and stubble burning in neighbouring states in turning Delhi into a gas chamber.


Upfront: Economy

Akhir Dikhi Umeed

Festival season, starting with Dussehra and continuing till the New Year, is usually boom time for retailers and manufacturers alike.There is reason to be hopeful. Many industry professionals that india today spoke to say consumer demand has returned—to varying degrees in different sectors—in September and October, and that this holds out hope for the rest of the festive season. This is not to discount the fact that the Indian economy is in dire straits—most estimates project growth falling nearly 10 per cent this fiscal year. However, a good performance in the festive season could soften the blow and aid a faster recovery.


Arthat: Ek Achambha Dekha Bhai

Why government are shying to fill government vacancies. India is far behind global ratio of government workers and population.


Special report: Madhya Pradesh

En vakt par kyon badly ranniti

The BJP has overhauled its campaign strategy just days before the crucial assembly by-elections. As the ruling party, it may hold the edge, but has Team Shivraj-Scindia covered all bases?


Health : Covid

Doosri Lahar Ka Dar

The onset of winter and a lax enforcement of covid protocols could usher in a second covid wave. India needs to take heed

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