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Highlights of India Today Hindi 10th June 2020, issue:

Cover Story: Pravasi Mazdoor- Avyavastha ki Mahamari

Durdasha Aur Dushvariyan

It took a pandemic to thrust this seemingly invisible workforce into the national consciousness and expose how India has failed migrant labourers, the beating heart of its economy

Cover Story: Rehabilitation

Vapsi Neeti Ka Makul Mauka

Migrant workers are unlikely to return to their workplaces before next year. In the meantime, there is much to be done

Cover Story: Uttar Pradesh

27 Lakh Ka Sawal

After a slow start, the Uttar Pradesh government  seems to have got a grip on the health and economic consequences of the big migrant influx. But their longer term rehabilitation is still far from certain

Cover Story: Bihar

Ghar Lautne Ki Bhari Dushwariyan

A tide of returning migrants is straining the state’s medical and financial resources. Millions are in quarantine and will soon be looking for work

Cover Story: Aalekh

Kuleenon ka Naitik Arthshastra Aur Pravasi

The lockdown has revealed the brutality of India's chronic disregard for the rights of migrant labourers

China: Tanatani ki Taiyari

China’s latest transgressions across its disputed border with India raise alarm. What’s the message Beijing is sending?

Special Report: West Bengal

Bikhar Gayee Jindaganiyan

Cyclone Amphan has knocked the wind out of a state administration already struggling to cope with the COVID pandemic

Upfront: Farmano ki Fajihat

There is no coordination between states and central government for relief and return of migrants. Due to mismanagement people are suffering.

Arthat: Atmnirbharta Via China

How feasible to avoid and separate china from Indian economy. China is deep rooted into our economy.

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