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India Today - Hindi

India Today - Hindi

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Highlights of India Today Hindi 09th October 2019, issue: 

Cover Story: 150Veen Gandhi Jayanti

Mahatma Ka Mahatva

His complex legacy continues to inspire and provoke in equal measure.


Apoorvanand: Gandhi Par Dawa

For the BJP, appropriating the Mahatma is crucial to being seen as the party that defines the idea of India.


Bhikhu Parekh: Sthayee Virasat

There was no aspect of life Gandhian thought didn’t touch. We should embrace those that are most relevant to us.


Faisal Devji: Gandhi Ke Dushman

The Mahatma remains a living figure for his critics as generation after generation discovers yet another of his ‘failings’.


Jyotindra Jain: Mahatma Ka Anavaran

The advent of photography and the mass production of images during the freedom movement provided a visual identity and cult value to nationalist leaders like Mahatma Gandhi.


Nico Slate: Ahaar Se Unke Prayaog

Gandhi’s eating habits were intimately connected to his politics.


Rajmohan Gandhi: Vishwapremi Rashtrawadi

A planet riven by inequality and injustice needs Gandhi’s example more than ever today.


Rambahadur Rai: Prem Aur Ghrina Ke Sach-Jhooth

Why there is controversy within the RSS—and outside it—about its relationship with the Mahatma.


Sopan Joshi: Gandhi Nayee Peedhi Ke Liye

How does one make the Mahatma relevant to a generation that has no context to place him in?


Tridip Suhrud: Naitik Arthvyavastha

Dismissed as obscurantist and outside the realm of positive economics, Gandhi’s ethical economics has had few takers.


Venu Madhav Govindu: Har Daur Ka Maseeha

He may have been gone for seven decades, but Gandhi’s ideas belong to the ages—he was a radical in the true sense of the word.


India Today Conclave-Mumbai: Kayakalp Ke Bauddhik Nuskhe


At the India Today Conclave in Mumbai, Editor-in-Chief Aroon Purie had this piece of advice for the Modi government: keep out of business, let the market sort out economic issues.



India Today Conclave-Mumbai: Vaicharik Samudra Manthan

India’s top minds gathered at the 2019 India Today Conclave, Mumbai, to discuss the burning issues of the day.


Upfront: Nazariya

Aadha-Adhura Protsahan

To revive economic growth, India needs both higher disposable income in the hands of individuals and higher investible surplus in the hands of corporates. Waiting for the elusive private investment has already cost India three precious quarters.


Arthaat: Mandi Ki Jad

India's current economic slowdown has turned into a puzzle. It is not being properly treated as they have not find the diagnosis.

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