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India Today - Hindi

India Today - Hindi

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Highlights of India Today Hindi 01st May 2019, issue:

Cover Story: Jati Sameekaran

Vote Padega Jati Par!

Experts analyse how caste is playing a decisive role in Election 2019.


Cover Story: Jati Sameekaran

Apni Jati, Apna Vote?

While in 2019 the electoral behaviour of Indians still has a basis in their caste background, new variables like class are increasingly playing a defining role.


Cover Story: Jati Sameekaran

Arakshan Ke Nahi 'Achchhe Din'

The EWS quota turns the original logic of reservations on its head. Is the ruling coalition finding ways to deny Dalits their seat at the table?


Cover Story: Jati Sameekaran

Jai Se Pare, Samta Ki Dish Mein

The time for empty slogans is past. Social equality and justice need successful measures to end discrimination.


Cover Story: Jati Sameekaran

Yani Mayawati Ka Samay Aa Gaya Hai?

The repression of the Dalits under the Modi regime has infused new energy into the Dalit political sphere. An able administrator like the BSP chief is the only way to contain the BJP and its fear-mongering.


Cover Story: Jati Sameekaran

Thakurvad Ki Wapasi

The BJP has thrived on the skewed representation of dominant castes.


Cover Story: Jati Sameekaran

Unke Nayak, Hamare Nayak

The BJP made inroads into the OBC-Dalit communities by convincing them of their role in Hindutva nationalism. Will it still hold in 2019?


Cover Story: Jati Sameekaran

Hindutva Aham Ya Jati Ka Dabdaba?

The ideology has yet to subsume identity politics. Despite its broadened electoral base in the wake of the 2014 majority, the BJP’s caste dilemma remains.


Cover Story: Jati Sameekaran

BJP Ke Liye Jati Hai To Jahan Hai

Under Amit Shah, the aim of the ruling party has been to achieve a rainbow representation of castes right up to the constituency level.


Cover Story: Jati Sameekaran

Jati Ki Bisat Par Congress Ki Chaal

The grand old party is fielding candidates tactically so as not to undercut the anti-BJP vote, and playing to its strengths in states where it perceives an advantage.


Upfront: Chunavi Bond

Fund Ko Raj Rahne Do

The BJP got 94.5% of the total value of electoral bonds bought in 2017-18, as gleaned from contribution reports of parties.


Rafale: Fir Bahar Nikla Rafale Ka Jinn

the Le Monde report alleging a €143.7 million tax waiver for Anil Ambani has been denied by France.


Janadesh 2019: Chautha Charan- Uttar Pradesh

Kisi Ki Raah Surakshit Nahi

Thirteen Lok Sabha seats will cast votes in the fourth phase in Uttar Pradesh, where five seats are reserved. The atmosphere tells that no candidate will find it easier to win.

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