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Outlook Traveller

Outlook Traveller

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Fried rice and a saucy side are to ordering in, what the Taj Mahal and Goa are to travelling—easy, dependable, but stripped of all novelty. When the PM encouraged citizens to explore at least 15 destinations in India by 2022, we were reminded of the limitless wonders within our borders, and set out to make a Secret India edition. It’s got 22 offbeat places that ought to be on any seasoned traveller’s bucket list, historical gems like Burhanpur, Bardhaman and Bhubaneswar, and much more. Beyond our borders, there are far-flung destinations like Rome, Azerbaijan, Fiji and Lhasa. The Diwali hamper joke is right there, but like our compilation, it's best to avoid clichés.

Outlook Traveller is a monthly magazine from the stable of Outlook Publishing India Pvt. Limited and the only significant magazine aimed at the travel reader. Every month since June 2001 OT has introduced readers to the wonders of unknown destinations while also encouraging travellers to take a fresh look at familiar places. Whether people are planning a holiday, or simply dreaming of one, Outlook Traveller continues to take them closer.

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