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Facts and fear  ~  by S Prasannarajan;  Newer Delhi  ~  by Amita Shah;  Capital reasons  ~  by Sudeep Paul;  Open diary  ~  by Swapan Dasgupta;  The householder dharma  ~  by Bibek Debroy;  The politics of climate emergency  ~  by Vinay Lal;  A flawed argument  ~  by Siddharth Singh;  The tycoon trail  ~  by Ullekh NP;  Whisperer  ~  by Jayanta Ghosal;  TikTok politics  ~  by Lhendup G Bhutia ;  The last straw  ~  by Nikita Doval;  Poets and Proselytisers  ~  by Nandini Nair;  The colony writes back  ~  by Manu S Pillai;  Capital Saga  ~  by Nandini Nair;  Attitudes and Identity  ~  by Rosalyn D’Mello;  #artistsoninstagram  ~  by Somak Ghoshal;  Small screen to the rescue  ~  by Rajeev Masand and more…

Open, a well-lit-window on India, addresses the progressive, globally minded reader, and tries to stay faithful to its promise of not dishing up regurgitated news or majoritarian opinion. Its clutter-free, vibrant design and superior visual content position Open among the best looking magazines in the world. Open set out to be original and stimulating, and stays true to that secret covenant with its readers.

Written and edited for the sophisticated minds of modern India, Open, every week, captures the political, economic and cultural spirit of our times and tries to stay faithful to its promise of not dishing up recycled news or  opinions. A smart magazine that makes its readers feel smarter, Open presents the best of narrative journalism in India. Cutting edge writing on politics, economy, society, culture, books, art, cinema, and sport makes it a magazine that is in a permanent conversation with India. Open is aimed primarily at the global-minded resident Indian reader, though its online offering (this website) gives its readership a more commanding geographical sweep, adding a loyal following outside India to its growing subscriber base and readership in the country.

In some ways, Open is three magazines rolled into one neat, organic bundle. The first section of the magazine, called Openings, is a zippy selection and short analysis of the most relevant and interesting news of the week from around the world. The middle section has sharp features on politics, economy, society, international affairs, sports and much more. The final section, Salon, carries essays on culture, arts, books, cinema, music, theatre and food—plus a popular gossip column on Hindi cinema.