Design Matrix

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Design Matrix

Design Matrix

  • DM September - October 2013
  • Price : 50.00
  • Design Matrix
  • Issues 36
  • Language - English
  • Published bimonthly
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While doing the cover story for this issue, I got a chance to interview\ Ar. Bhavna Jacob, a woman with passion and enthusiasm, and a successful designer with the zeal to design. I really had a great time conversing with this booming designer. During the friendly conversation, the super woman concept popped up in my mind, and I asked her if she has ever encountered a super woman in her. Bhavna gave me a thought provoking answer – every woman is born with a super woman quality. Today, a woman not only takes care of her household chores, but also strives to fl y high on the professional front. After hearing her views, I could suddenly feel the super woman in me leap with joy and pride. I am not talking about any feminist ideology or male chauvinism here, I just want to salute the great spirit of woman – hats off to you all; look deep inside and cheer up the super woman within you.

Design Matrix is all about design and designers. A good design is nothing but a focused approach blended with passion and great team spirit.