Design Matrix

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Design Matrix

Design Matrix

  • DM January - February 2013
  • Price : 50.00
  • Design Matrix
  • Issues 36
  • Language - English
  • Published bimonthly
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We are proud to be Indians and our culture is rich because it has the capacity and flexibility to adopt a foreign influence and make it its own! This holds good for our design and architecture as well. Through the ages, visitors, merchant and even invaders have left their mark and we have accepted it all, making our heritage probably the most versatile in the world. From the paisley and domes of the Mughals to the French, Portuguese and British effects right up to the modern jet-setting Indian’s preferences, we find it all sitting comfortably with the traditional crafts that make up the very fabric of Indian design.

Design Matrix is all about design and designers. A good design is nothing but a focused approach blended with passion and great team spirit.