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Apps Unveiled

Apps Unveiled

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If you go to a mall, coffee shop, or even a playground nowadays, you'll notice kids staring down at the glowing screens of tablets and smartphones. When you ask parents to keep their gadgets out of the reach of their children, they say "I have no other option, he doesn't allow me to do my work," "l don't want to give my phone, but it's somehow impossible to keep my phone completely out of my child's reach," "All her friends use a phone," and so on.


Today, many research studies highlight that when it's difficult for parents to put down their own phones, they can't stop their children using a gadget despite being aware of negatives. Here, parents are advised to follow at least these two steps.


First, they should use parental control settings or apps to put a screen time limit on their child's device. Second, they can install some educational apps on their child's phone to turn screen time into learning time. With that in mind, we have spent hours combing through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store to bring you the 11 Best Educational Apps that make learning fun for kids. All of these apps are completely ad-free so that kids won't get exposed to any unwanted content. Moreover, each app allows parents to keep a tab on their child's progress and topics they are learning through these apps. Flip through the pages to uncover all the 11 Best Educational Apps that are featured in this month's Cover Story.


Appy Reading! 

Apps Unveiled is India’s first and only monthly magazine on mobile applications. It is owned by AppCrazy Media Private Limited, new print media start-up based in New Delhi, India. 


Nowadays, the facilities offered by Smartphones through numerous mobile applications are becoming increasingly synonymous with our daily activities, both at home and at work. Undoubtedly, the presence of mobile applications is changing the way we work, live and interact with people. From paying bills to booking cabs, locating blood donor to managing diet plans , mobile banking to networking; mobile applications offers almost everything just at our fingertips, helping us to cope up with our hectic routines. 


But as per our study, Smartphone users always stay confused which app to download or not to download. Moreover, they don’t have enough time to browse through the app market to gain firsthand experience. 


On the other side, there is a challenge for app developers or promoters to instigate the user to download their apps, given the burgeoning number of similar apps available across multiple operating platforms. 


Keeping all these points into consideration, AppCrazy Media has launched a magazine “Apps Unveiled” with dedicated content on mobile applications (or apps). Our team will unveil selected mobile apps across different categories such as entertainment, games, lifestyle, utility, safety, security, health, productivity, travel etc. available on different operating platforms namely, Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows, Java and Symbian after thorough ground work and research. 


Our readers would get a chance to explore a whole new world of mobile apps apart from few commonly known apps. Also, they will understand how they can use their Smartphone’s more smartly by effectively using the mobile apps to meet their day to day need on the go. 


For app developers or promoters, it’s more than a magazine, an opportunity to reach mass Smartphone user base in India and to inform them about in-depth functionality of their mobile applications. Advertise with us to reach the right audience in a smarter way.  


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