The Wave Of Intellect

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The Wave Of Intellect

The Wave Of Intellect

  • Sat Sep 04, 2021
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  • Rigi Publication
  • Language - English
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“The wave of intellect” is all about giving a direction to the better way of thinking and most deserving intellect. This book has everything to do with gradual process of flow of individuals intellectual way of thinking but word used in this book “wave” means that flow can be high sometimes and low sometimes depending upon the social atmosphere where you lived or living. Author wishes the readers get naturally connected with the book starting from first page and willing to end reading at last page. Author wants the readers of this book too feel worth buying it. If making readers contented is also an art then author thinks she is the one who aims for the same. It's about Don't hesitate to express your perspective and feelings because if only few ones are against you doesn't mean that majority is against you. Love yourself, give your self-respect priority so that wrong people doesn't test your patience again and again. Bearing is good only if it has a limit. This book aims at giving better vision and intellect to give proper existence to humankind.