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  • Sat Sep 18, 2021
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  • Rigi Publication
  • Language - English
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"“This curse is your own, anything else is pawn,  Even your own mother and sister.”   Priti forget her past due to injury to her head in an incident, but after that incident, she starts to see some future events in stage  of dream or unconsciousness. According to those dreams, she love a boy named Badal, but Priti starts looking Badal in the present by understanding that future as her past, and coincidentally a few aspects related to the dream of Priti is also exist in the present, and some incident of the dream actually starts happens, due to which Priti get misguided. First Dream;-> she love with a boy named Badal………, Then a resemblance boy come in her life, whose name is Badal too. Second Dream;-> Badal dies at the end of the dream……., Then Badal’s soul comes in front of Priti in Real life. Third Dream;-> Through this dream, it is known that Priti was the one, who shot Badal………., Then it is revealed that Badal’s soul has come back to avenge his death in reality. Fourth Dream;-> Through this dream, it is known that Badal is an enemy of humans, and he has come to destroy humans on earth……., So even in real life, Badal’ truth is exposed, scientist proves that till now thousands girls have died, and every moment this number is increasing, only Badal is responsible for whose death. Fifth dream;-> Badal is not a human being…………, Then truth comes out in reality, that Badal is an alien demonic creature, who can change his form as he wish. Dear Readers! I just want to say, Its story will change every twenty or twenty five pages, And will make a new turn in front of you, and this series will continue till the end, Because this story passes through four worlds, The Earth, Planet PRITIZ, Planet Diamond and Planet Toxin. And in this story, the four planets are as important as the earth, but why is ‘PRITIZ’ the title of this story? This will be a secret for you, But there is also a another secret in this story, Which will confront you in the third phase of the story, and will surprise you, Because this story is incomplete without that secret, just as God is incomplete without a devotee and a woman without a man, And you too will be remain confused from beginning to end, just as Priti remains confused from beginning to end, But she does not understand anything, and this way the story also ends. And after reading the whole story, you will say that the title of this story should have been in the name of that secret. Thank you"