KAL KI SOCH Presents Technology Based Violence Against Women

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KAL KI SOCH Presents Technology Based Violence Against Women

KAL KI SOCH Presents Technology Based Violence Against Women

  • Thu Sep 16, 2021
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  • Rigi Publication
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"“More inquiry is needed about the use of technology, such as computers and cell phones, in developing and expanding forms of violence. Evolving and emerging forms of violence need to be named so that they can be recognized and better addressed.”- UN Secretary General, In-depth study on all forms of violence against women (2006). Technology-related violence against women (tech-related VAW) encompasses acts of gender-based violence that are committed, abetted or aggravated, in part or fully, by the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs), such as phones, the internet, social media platforms, and email. As highlighted by APC’s statement to the 57th Commission on the Status of Women. In findings from over a thousand cases reported on the Take Back the Tech! online map 2 from 2012 to 2014, revealed that the majority (40%) of cases are perpetrated by someone known to the survivor, and that the 3 general categories of women who experience tech-related VAW and it makes our role clear herein combating tech-related VAW. In order to fulfil the responsibility in addressing this human rights issue, intermediaries should implementing over the suggestions and solutions beings discussed in the book. TECHNOLOGY BASED VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN -is a sincere effort to stimulate, deliberate and initiate the positive change we desire to see in the era of Technology .We appreciate the efforts of all our contributors for sharing their wisdom, conviction and thoughts to set the stage for a larger debate in the society. We are also thankful to editorial Board for their time and constant support and encouragement. A special Thanks to Mr. Avinish Bhatt sir and Mr. Gagan Gulati Sir for their constant support."