Confidence Ka Dose

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Confidence Ka Dose

Confidence Ka Dose

  • Thu Jul 22, 2021
  • Price : 60.00
  • Rigi Publication
  • Language - Hindi
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"This book is based upon author's several year of experience about students mentality while student life that how a student get depressed and disappointed by a little hindrance in life. author has tried to make understand to the students that life is not limited upto only a little hindrance, speed breaker make us more solid towards achieving our impossible things in life. The written words of this books are not only just to read, all words will make feel self reality. Always treat the failures like a step ,you just learn from failures jump and go ahead to achieve the set goals. We all Human beings are one of the best creation of the god, we all should always try to keep happy our self and around us in any circumstances of life. So know about self weakness and work on it convert in to strength with grate self motivation improve. The book will helpful for all to know about self strength, multiplying confidence level to work better anywhere in student as well as professional life."